Air conditioning replacement company in Colorado area — every air conditioner owner goes through this: no matter how well you maintain the air conditioning system there will inevitably be a day when it ceases to operate. And then you will face a dilemma – whether to repair it or buy a new one.

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    You should thoroughly consider all pros and cons before making a final decision: an optimal solution isn’t always seen at once, since a lot of money is on the stake. But no matter what decision you make, the Best Heating Cooling & Air company is always here to help you implement it into life! With all our professionalism applied, of course.

    Air Conditioning Replacement Denver, CO area

    When a split system breaks down, in most cases, it is the central block’s fault. Depending on whether other system parts are workable or not, the air conditioner replacement may be partial or full. In some cases, it might only be enough to replace an air conditioner’s central block, not changing piping and thus, saving on auxiliary piping works. But you should bear in mind that installing a new block to the old cable system can only be done if the following conditions are met:

    • A new air conditioner should match the old one in all parameters
    • The piping shall not be deformed
    • The new and old system shall use the same coolant – unless you don’t thoroughly wash the entire circuit system
    • If a compressor has burned down, then it will be necessary to replace the air conditioner block in togetherness with all piping since it is impossible to clean the copper pipes from deposits inside.

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    Home air conditioner replacement services

    The air conditioning replacement company Best Heating Cooling & Air accepts your applications for the replacement of condensers and split systems on our website and phone. We work fast, efficiently, and offer great prices! If your piping is good, then the replacement air conditioner block for a home is made using the existing piping. The cost includes the entire scope of works:

    • Dismantling an outer block
    • Mounting two blocks, connecting to piping and electric grid
    • Assembling the drainage piping to the inner block
    • Vacuuming (removing the air and moist from the piping and control the impermeability)
    • Filling in with coolant and testing the system in all modes.

    When you should consider replacing an air conditioner?

    For some people, it is very hard to opt for the replacement an air conditioner but in many cases, it will be really cheaper to replace an old broken AC unit with a new one than to make repairs. The average time of work of a split system is 20 years but new generations of AC equipment appear on the market much faster than old ones wear out. If there are better energy-efficient analogs on the market exist already, then there is no sense in fixing an old broken unit since the money investments to buy a new one will recoup with lowered energy bills.

    Additionally, the constructive peculiarities of air conditioners matter, as well as the character of breakage of the AC unit. If a closed-type compressor has stopped working, then you really don’t have other options but to buy a new air conditioner: the cost of replacement of this part is about 80% of the price of an entirely new air conditioner – not taking into account the cost of work (if we speak about the models with a power of 18 BTU/h or even lesser than that – 12 BTU/h, for some models). Also, there will be no sense to repair a system significantly damaged mechanically (when an external hull is damaged and/or the casing is broken or torn).

    When you do the premise redevelopment, a nicely working split system might also require to be replaced – if it will not cope with air conditioning of a larger premise, which is created, for instance, by removing the inner walls. Also, the air flows inside the premise also change in a situation like that, so the air conditioning system shall be reconfigured anew, according to the specifications of a redevelopment project.

    Сost to replace central air conditioning system

    Home central air conditioner replacement cost is significantly affected by the cost of work applied. Thus, it may drastically differ due to the features of planning of a building, the specifications of an AC model, piping architecture, and personal demands of a client. We in the air conditioning replacement company Best Heating Cooling & Air individually calculate each case of replacement central air conditioning system. So as not to ponder about the cost of the air conditioner unit replacement, we offer you to contact us by phone or invite our engineer to estimate the volume of works in your place. Soon, you will be given a precisely calculated cost.

    From our side, we do everything possible so as to make the cost of air conditioner replacement available for everyone. The tariff plans that we offer are quite available for all clients. Also, to further lower the cost replacement central air conditioning block, we offer everyone to use our partnership prices with Xcel Energy company.

    Save money on cooling using an effective central air conditioner

    Any expenses directed at air conditioner replacement will recoup faster if you use an inverter instead of your old split system. The inverter is an innovative energy-saving model with an improved compressor design. All traditional air conditioners with a compressor function in the cycles of turning on and off, pumping up the coolant to circulate in the system until the air in the premise is cool enough. After that, an AC is turned off and only turns on when the temperature starts to increase.

    But the thing is that at the turn-on point of the cycle, every electric device uses the maximum power. That is, in the cycle of constant turns off and on, the air conditioner tends to wear off faster and take more energy. Inverter models have a significantly lesser number of working cycles – thanks to a broadened range of power of work, from 5% to 90% of the maximum, so such air conditioners do not turn off at all but only go to economy mode of work and power consumption, thanks to which they lower the workload of a compressor. That means you won’t need to replace your home conditioner anytime soon.

    Advantages of an energy-efficient air conditioner

    In addition to energy-saving, the advantages of inverter models also include the limited consumption of energy, low level of noise, more accurate temperature settings, and the possibility to heat. It will be especially convenient to use an inverter with a heating function in mid-season when most types of heating equipment become inexpedient economically. Various calculations show that only during one heating period inverter air conditioners can save up to 60% of electric energy consumption volume.

    Different types of air conditioning

    If you’re thinking about the air conditioning replacement, refrain from the idea of ordering the same model that you are currently having – the progress does not stand still! It is quite possible that there are better and much more improved models on the market, which are capable of taking care of your home’s microclimate significantly better.

    Start with studying the specifications of various air conditioning systems on the market. Our specialists are ready to give you the necessary consultation about the AC equipment selection. In addition to standard split systems, the market can brag about alternative options of the air conditioning systems for a broad range of types of premises.

    Cassette air conditioners

    A cassette air conditioner for a home is one of the types of channel systems, which is designed to be mounted into your ceiling. It can perfectly adjust the suspended and dropped ceilings. The air passes through the opening in the lower part of the inner block, which is closed by a decorative grid element, which is capable of directing airflows to many sides. As a result, people living and working in such a premise do not suffer from drafts.

    Multi-split systems

    Multi-split systems are multifunctional complexes having one outer block and several evaporators (from 2 to 9). A multi-split system is suitable for multiple-room living areas and large commercial objects, where simultaneous independent temperature control in many premises is required. Also, this system is perfectly suitable for buildings with a weak facade, which may not carry many outer air conditioning blocks.

    Multiple-zone VRF systems

    Multiple-zone VRF systems are similar to multi-split systems but they differ in the ability to have several dozen evaporators of various types in one outer block. Most frequently, VRF systems are installed in industrial objects and in large private houses. Their high-tech design gives a list of advantages:

    • A controllable coolant usage makes it easier to control the temperature in buildings with different zones having various heat regimens of the premises. A three-pipe connection is used to support the activity of various regimens of work.
    • The length of piping is up to 100 meters or longer; the allowable height level differences are up to 50 meters; there won’t be a hard task to find a secluded place to install the outer module.
    • A plethora of possibilities for remote control using a personal remote control or a centralized control panel. Using the dedicated software, it is possible to connect the air conditioner network to “smart home” systems.

    Chiller fan coil systems

    The chiller fan coil system is a unity of three types of equipment – an air conditioner with a water cooling circle (chiller), recirculators with a built-in air ventilator (fan coil), and the pumping system. The system of accumulating tanks significantly increases the volume and heat capacity of a coolant, which makes it possible to reduce the number of cycles of compressor work and lower the energy consumption. The water coolant humidifies the air, simultaneously improving the quality of being in the premises during hot arid weather.

    Precision cooling

    Precision cooling systems are the most advanced type of split systems, which can regulate various parameters of microclimate with high precision: temperature, humidity, the speed of airflow, and the intensity of air exchange. A ventilator for forced air supply can be built in the air inflow valve. There are also systems of combined forced and natural air inflow, which are capable of sucking in and pushing the air masses depending on the natural air circulation conditions.

    What you should take into account when choosing a new air conditioning system?

    It is necessary to define the characteristics of an air conditioning system based on the area, volume, type of premise, its architectural features, the number of people and equipment inside the premise, consumed energy, and cost. The air conditioning replacement company Best Heating Cooling & Air offers many interesting options for air conditioning in living and working premises for any budget! Order the consultation of a specialist today and find out, what options are available for you so you can choose an optimal solution. If you need air conditioning replacement call us today!

    Many organizations require a professional constant best AC service, desirably, done by the same company (which knows all the nuances of the AC technopark of an organization). We are willful about becoming your regular AC maintenance companion and offer very loyal programs for regular AC maintenance to all types of corporate entities that we collaborate with. We are ready to provide all sorts of technical maintenance to all types of HVAC. Thanks to our extensive hands-on experience, we know how to handle all sorts of HVACs on the market, of all years of manufacturing, old and modern. Seeing as our professionals work with your AC equipment, you will not want to address to another company and will forget about effortless googling of "AC conditioning service near me".
    Modern AC equipment has amazing reliability thanks to clever design. However, it is of crucial importance to get the best from your AC by cleverly installing it, choosing the optimal ways of air ducts and their lengths. Also, the optimal choice of power of the AC according to the future tasks is the first thing that guarantees its long-term work. Other factors also come into play: commissioning by specialists, qualified yearly maintenance, sticking to the technical recommendations of a manufacturer to the AC usage, and so on. It is also important to prevent any mechanical damage during operation and in a turned-off state. Also, do the timely check of proper work of your AC by technicians of the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company.
    The AC one hour service is available for high-level professionals. This is a service, where demands for quality as high as never before – and our team of professionals is ready to provide you this service! If you’re looking for a one hour AC service, call us without hesitation to receive world-class maintenance!

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