The maintenance of any heating includes many preventive measures, as well as fixing up and replacing parts. As a rule, maintenance is effective when done before the heating season and at in the end of it. Best Heating Cooling & Air provides gas heating maintenance and guarantees that your gas heating will serve for many years in its full capacity.

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    Gas heating maintenance

    Any gas boiler, even the simplest one, works only if all elements are smoothly going. When you set up your unit and check its operation from time to time, your house is warm and safe. However, any unit reduces its capacity with time. Therefore, gas heating system maintenance including a unit capacity and its parts condition checkup, cleaning and re-adjustment is vital.

    Meanwhile, be sure to delegate the maintenance of your gas heater to the experts in other case your guarantee for the gas heater might be cancelled as most manufacturers accept the warrantee maintenance only if the installation, regular service or repair are provided by the licensed contractors.

    Inappropriate monitoring at the manufacture, poor maintenance of the unit and misuse may result in dysfunction of your gas heater.

    What is gas heating maintenance?

    A gas heating in the building is a widespread and low-cost solution today. However, it is important to understand that a gas boiler, like any unit, require appropriate use and timely maintenance. Most of people call for maintenance only when they notice disruptions in the operation of a gas heater. However, it is wrong approach, as the checkup during a maintenance does show that your gas heater will be working, and all who lives in the building will be safe.

    Is home gas heating maintenance important?

    Today home gas heating systems maintenance allows you to enjoy long and safe operation of the system. However, the following affect its long life as well:

    • unit quality;
    • pressure during each session;
    • power supply quality;
    • regular maintenance;
    • timely preventive maintenance and fixing up.

    The demand for maintenance of a gas heater never decreases, as the timely diagnostics of the system allow you to find and eliminate the issue once it has emerged, and therefore protect the residents of the building.

    Gas heater maintenance protocol

    Gas heater maintenance includes:

    1. Monitoring and control of the heating system condition.
    2. Cleaning the combustion box and ventilation channels from the residues of dirt and soot.
    3. Cleaning the boiler heat exchanger from the inside, as well as the pipes, the shutter and control valves from scale and other residues.
    4. Tank pressure checkup.
    5. Cleaning the pipes from soot, scale, dirt.
    6. Checking up the capacity of safety settings and adjust them, if needed.
    7. Measurement and adjustment of the parameters of the boiler and the system as a whole.
    8. Visual inspection and cleaning of the chimney;
    9. Switching the heater to summer/winter operation mode (if needed).
    10. Inspection and verification of the boiler and all its parts as well as their cleaning, adjustment, repair.

    Dysfunction in a gas heater usually occur due to a violation of the boiler installation protocol, inappropriate use and maintenance (violation of the gas pressure, poor draft in the chimney, low or high voltage of the electricity).

    Signs You Need Gas Heater Service

    The maintenance of gas heating is best before the start of the heating season and at the end of it. Early system diagnostics can show possible issues and eliminate them in time before the cold weather takes over. Poor maintenance can evolve in a collapse of your gas boiler when you need the heat most. Calling the experts for checking up your gas heating and identify possible issues to fix them before the boiler stops functioning will prevent you from the extra expenses.

    In addition to the regular maintenance, you might need our techs when:

    • your gas heater is working, however the house is not warm enough;
    • radiators do not heat up;
    • system makes strange sounds, noises, crackles;
    • operation of the gas heater produce a smell or condensate;
    • gas boiler cannot be ignited or it switches off interruptedly.

    Usually, all the above are the result of poor maintenance. Therefore, in order not to abandon the case, we advise to diagnose your gas heater in time.


    Benefits of heating maintenance

    The maintenance has two stages, which are the monitoring and fixing up. Qualified experts from Best Heating Cooling & Air can provide that. At the beginning, our experts assess the state of the gas heating system, and then take all the steps needed to clean and repair it.

    The greatest advantages of gas heater maintenance are:

    1. Safety. Any violations in the operation of gas heating can be dangerous, and often even life threatening.
    2. Lowering the costs to maintain the system. The maintenance of a gas boiler can reduce the cost of electricity consumed by the heater. If the boiler is clogged or has malfunctions, it starts to work in tight capacity, which leads to higher electricity consuming.
    3. Eliminating complex breakdowns. Regular maintenance of the gas boiler let you eliminate complex disruptions in the system.
    4. Longer service life. The unit monitored and repaired in time will serve longer.
    5. Clean air. The filters installed in the gas heater must be changed every 3 months. In other case, dust and residues appear in the room. Thus, the timely change of filters will allow you to enjoy fresh air.
    6. Valid warranty. Usually, gas heaters have 7-10 years warranty. However, in case of a warranty issue, the manufacturer requires the record of regular maintenance in the past. They may cancel the warranty in other case.
    7. Warm air in the house. In the end, a powerful gas heater works at full capacity and makes warm all who live in a building. Therefore, in order not to get cold in winter, we advise timely maintenance of your gas boiler in the fall.

    Are You Ready to Hire an Expert?

    Maintaining a gas heater yourself is not the good idea as it can be dangerous. Firstly, in case of any mistakes, you can make your warranty cancelled. Secondly, you may disrupt the smooth work of the unit parts. That is why it is better to hire a professional from Best Heating Cooling & Air. We provide qualified service engineers for maintenance and repairs. They know the specifics of all models of the heaters, as well as their features and can solve any issue. Best Heating Cooling & Air specialists advance their experience all the time mastering new techniques of work with new equipment.

    To request the maintenance of your gas heater, just contact us and answer the questions of our manager require (the type of unit, your case to call us, the manufacturer, and so on).

    You can consider an agreement with Best Heating Cooling & Air for the systematic maintenance of your gas heating system.

    When to plan the heating maintenance?

    A gas heating system can operate from 3 to 6 months a year (sometimes more). It is under maximum pressure during this period. That is why regular maintenance is important. The best time for the system service is summer. In any case, it must be done before the new heating season begins.

    Cost of maintaining a gas heating system

    Sure, the maintenance of a gas heater needs money while the price can be different, since it depends on:

    • type of a heating unit;
    • scope of work;
    • mounting specifics;
    • parts to change (if any).

    We cannot say fixed repair price, as well as speak about the services to be provided for maintenance in advance. We customize the budget in each case.

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