AC cleaning service — professional ac cleaning prevents the biggest part of breakages of climate control systems – it is included in the standard plan of annual maintenance. The Best Heating Cooling & Air Company offers qualified services for cleaning the air conditioning equipment. We’re ready to clean your AC unit from dust and dirt promptly and at a convenient time for you (leaving no litter behind us!).

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    Why regular cleaning of the ac unit is so important?

    The airflow coming through the AC unit is far not sterile. Dust and dirt from the street can get into the AC unit from the outer block and that makes dust and dead cells of your skin circulate inside of it. Clogging the air ducts increases the workload of the equipment and raises energy consumption. Incorrect work of climatic equipment provokes breakages and deterioration of microclimate in these ways:

    • worsening the heat exchange, which provokes the freezing of condenser and leaking in the future
    • malfunction of air ducts and congestion of the exhaust air, which triggers dampness & dustiness, and fungi start to proliferate
    • high bacterial insemination into the air. Dust particles are proliferous for bacterial and viral life, which is dangerous for small children, people with allergies or weakened immunity.

    Regular cleaning of ac unit makes sure the correct functioning of the AC unit but only if the maintenance and cleaning are done by specialists who have the knowledge and necessary tools. Our company is a licensed NATE contractor and long-term partner of Xcel Energy. We provide complex air conditioning maintenance and cleaning in Colorado to return freshness to your home when it’s needed. AC cleaning service open for your applications 24/7 and we do our work with high quality irrespectively of the complexity!

    Factors that contribute to the frequency and need for AC cleaning

    It’s necessary to clean the filters, drainage system, and fan at least twice a year – before the high season begins. It is also recommended to periodically check the filter during the peak loads. The complex cleaning of AC system shall be done every 3-5 years depending on the exploitation conditions. In order to make things simpler for you, we list here the factors causing the need for more frequent cleaning:

    • you live in an old building or in a place with fairly dirty air or dry climate
    • you plan to renovate, refurbish, or reconfigure your house
    • you have small children, old people, or people with asthma in your house
    • you have pets, which actively lose their fur
    • people smoke a lot in the house
    • you have high humidity or spot the appearance of mold
    • you often turn your AC unit for cooling or heating.

    When does your AC unit need cleaning?

    Scheduled qualified AC cleaning service won’t allow the dirt and dust to clog your AC unit. But sometimes, you can’t foresee everything and the clogging occurs anyway. In this case, you should immediately call a servicing company to agree on the unplanned cleaning if you see the following signs of clog:

    • leaky conditioner
    • water condensing on the walls or ceiling
    • no draft in the exhaust duct
    • drainage tray overfills pretty often
    • the engine of the fan becomes really hot
    • the frowsy smell in the room
    • people living in the house started to have more frequent headaches, sickness, frequent colds, and coughs.

    If you’re in doubts about whether to clean the AC unit or not, you can inspect the air ducts on your own by using a flashlight and a small mirror. You should take the ventilation grill off using a screwdriver and closely look at the walls of the air ducts, lids, and air regulators. If you see dense dust there, it is definitely a sign to clean!

    When the drainage is clogged, try to clean the piping. Connect the pipe nozzle at a direct angle to the outer block nearby and pour inside about 7 oz of vinegar. The vinegar should dissolve the dirt and sludge on the walls of the drainage duct. If you will not have managed to remove the clogging with vinegar, then it will be necessary to clean the pipe with a vacuum (a professional technician can do that).

    What the service of AC cleaning includes?

    Professional cleaning air conditioning system presupposes a set of steps including washing the air filters and preventive blow-down with a steam generator. The cassettes are recommended to change every 30-90 days, especially if summer is arid and hot, so you tend to turn your conditioner on more frequently (since they clog faster under such conditions). Also, check filters more often.

    To clean the main nodes, it’s usually recommended to start with a fan, then proceed with heat exchangers of the inner and outer block, and end with diagnostics of electronics, cooling contour, and connections. Finally, the check of working pressure should be made. If low, the coolant has to be filled up.

    Do the blow-down of the drainage system of your AC unit once in several years, as well as process the pipes with antiseptics to prevent the proliferation of fungi, mold, and pathogen microflora.

    In the case of the urgent need for changing the AC equipment, it is better to opt for a reliable contractor among the ac cleaners near me. Local companies know the regional specifics well and are aware of how to remove the clogging in the AC systems. In addition to that, all professional local AC contractors are connected by a local city society, proud of their high reputation and, as a result, highly motivated in making their work at the highest level.

    The best you can do in Denver if your air conditioner is clogged is to contact the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company. We do not make promises – we make the job done! And, once we complete, we provide a full warranty on every service we provide and every manipulation we do with your equipment. So, even though there is a 100% warranty at all times, none of our clients has resorted to it yet!

    Many organizations require a professional constant best AC service, desirably, done by the same company (which knows all the nuances of the AC technopark of an organization). We are willful about becoming your regular AC maintenance companion and offer very loyal programs for regular AC maintenance to all types of corporate entities that we collaborate with. We are ready to provide all sorts of technical maintenance to all types of HVAC. Thanks to our extensive hands-on experience, we know how to handle all sorts of HVACs on the market, of all years of manufacturing, old and modern. Seeing as our professionals work with your AC equipment, you will not want to address to another company and will forget about effortless googling of "AC conditioning service near me".
    Modern AC equipment has amazing reliability thanks to clever design. However, it is of crucial importance to get the best from your AC by cleverly installing it, choosing the optimal ways of air ducts and their lengths. Also, the optimal choice of power of the AC according to the future tasks is the first thing that guarantees its long-term work. Other factors also come into play: commissioning by specialists, qualified yearly maintenance, sticking to the technical recommendations of a manufacturer to the AC usage, and so on. It is also important to prevent any mechanical damage during operation and in a turned-off state. Also, do the timely check of proper work of your AC by technicians of the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company.
    The AC one hour service is available for high-level professionals. This is a service, where demands for quality as high as never before – and our team of professionals is ready to provide you this service! If you’re looking for a one hour AC service, call us without hesitation to receive world-class maintenance!

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