Electric furnaces do not complain about health and serve for a long time, but sometimes, they need to be repaired, in which case you have to look for a good contractor in the Colorado area to get the heating unit back into operation as soon as possible. The Best Heating Cooling & Air company will take care of your furnace equipment by fixing any problem and preventing potential malfunctions!

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    Electric furnace repair services

    Electrical equipment is a source of enhanced danger; therefore, a licensed electric furnace repair company, chosen preferably out of local contractors, should be responsible for repairing electric furnaces. A service provider located in the neighborhood quickly responds to requests and values its reputation in the city forum; the management is interested in high-quality customer service, while the technicians are well aware of the area specifics and potential vulnerabilities of heating systems.

    Best Heating Cooling & Air, a NATE-certified company, is one of the top choices in the Colorado area; we carry out an urgent and scheduled electric furnace repair 24/7 without causing any inconveniences to owners and neighbors. We work quickly, conscientiously, and almost noiselessly; after handing over the heating unit, technicians clear after themselves and take out the construction waste; the contractor also undertakes the coordination of works with municipal authorities.

    We believe that our main achievement is a partnership agreement with Xcel Energy, which allows us to reduce the electric furnace repair cost for customers by supplying spare parts, add-in products, and consumables at preferential rates. Regardless of the amount and complexity of the work to be done, our services are affordable for a wide range of customers—it is unacceptable that someone freezes due to a lack of funds to repair a furnace.

    Which is better: an electric or a gas furnace?

    Electric furnaces are installed in those houses that have no access to a gas supply; in the rest of cases, most homeowners prefer gas furnaces: a year’s supply of blue-sky fuel costs almost three times less than electricity, though a gas furnace produces more heat and heats up faster. According to statistics, electric heating is used by 10% to 15% of American households; therefore, electric furnaces have their undeniable advantages that for some people are of decisive importance:

    • purity and environmental friendliness. No combustion—no emissions into the atmosphere;
    • saving space and reducing the cost of installation. An electric furnace does not need bulky service lines; it is enough to supply power—and the heating unit is ready for operation;
    • safe operation. Owners of electric furnaces have no fear to fly up into the air due to gas leaks;
    • ease of care and maintenance. No need to clean flues, change burnt-out furnace bars, and do a lot of other unpleasant things.

    Electric furnace replacement

    When a repair does not pay off, does not give the desired result, or is technically impossible, a furnace must be replaced to put an end to breakdowns and restore the normal operation of a heating system. Even properly functioning furnaces sometimes have to be changed if they no longer meet the customer needs — for example, after building on a wing to a house, the area to be heated increased or the equipment having a higher efficiency was put on the market.

    The Best Heating Cooling & Air employees will advise you on what equipment to choose and will replace the obsolete heating unit as soon as possible; on the same day, we will connect the furnace to the network, carry out a trial run, and adjust the equipment. If you cannot find a model with identical characteristics, you will need to dismantle some service lines and do power routing again.

    Electric central heating repair

    Sometimes, the cause of a malfunction lies not only in the furnace but also in other components of the heating system—for example, the electrical wiring insulation is damaged, or a short circuit has occurred. Do not be afraid of a huge scope of work; we will analyze the system to the last screw and eliminate all the defects that impede its optimal functioning.

    Electric home furnaces

    An electric furnace for a home is nowhere simpler: a heating element with a blower is placed in a metal case, with the heat build-up being controlled by a thermostat. Since electrical resistance is the source of heat, furnace units are subject to wear and tear, but this is not a reason for not using them — a professional repairing electric furnace and a timely replacement of worn-out components is all the equipment needs.

    How long does an electric furnace usually last?

    Low-cost electric furnaces are designed to serve for 10 to 20 years; premium models last longer—between 18 and 25 years; the service life of the equipment is also influenced by operating conditions, the material of manufacture, technological features, and other factors. Regular servicing and competent repairs prolong the life of heating units, increase their performance, and reduce energy losses.

    How often should I have my electric furnace serviced?

    Scheduled maintenance of electric furnaces is carried out at least once a year—before the start of a new heating season; when drawing up an individual annual maintenance plan, repair and prevention works for key components are also planned. By concluding a contract with us for the scheduled maintenance of your electric furnace, you will avoid many malfunctions, save on repairs, and optimize the performance of your furnace equipment.

    Common Reasons Why You Need Electric Furnace Repair

    Irregularities in the functioning of electric furnaces most often occur due to improper operation of the equipment and gross errors in the installation and plug-in of a furnace unit. The most vulnerable structural elements are the blower motor, the condenser, the thermostat, controllers, the limit switch, electromagnetic valves, and fixings. The risk of severe damage increases with the systematic intervention of destructive forces or a one-off intense impact; let us list the main damaging factors:

    • mechanical damage caused to furnaces and frayed insulation on electrical wiring;
    • over-normative loads, short circuits, and voltage drops in the network;
    • usage of non-original components;
    • irregular and unskillful maintenance;
    • poor-quality lubricants;
    • error accumulation in the control system.

    Time may also be against you; the critical age of a furnace and the natural wear and tear of its individual parts increase the likelihood of breakage. Failure to fix minor faults in time also creates preconditions for major problems, so do not postpone the repair electric furnace until the last moment and contact us right away.

    How can I detect a problem with my electric furnace?

    Breakdowns rarely occur out of the blue; before breaking down forever, the equipment sends distress signals hinting that an electric furnace repair service would not be out of place. Not to be left without heating at the most inopportune moment, do not dismiss the alarming symptoms and immediately seek help from specialists if you notice the following signs of trouble:

    • decrease in heat production or equipment overheating;
    • spontaneous on and off switching of the furnace;
    • the blower does not start or does not turn off;
    • strange noises and vibrations;
    • increase in electricity bill amounts;
    • burning insulation smell.

    We offer professional electric furnace repair services

    When you google ‘electric furnace repair near me,’ do not be lazy to verify information about the enterprise, look at cases, read reviews on the Internet. The Best Heating Cooling & Air company proves its professionalism with real achievements: in addition to the NATE certificate, our organization’s assets include qualified technicians with EPA diplomas, prestigious awards, and testimonials by satisfied customers. You can discuss the details of cooperation and set a time for a repair team visit by phone or using the feedback form on our website: we are waiting for your requests at any time of the day or night!

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