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Due to the harsh weather in Colorado and the Parker city, home and commercial HVAC systems have a multipurpose function. In winters, when the temperature drops below zero, the heating is on for 3.5 months, while one can hardly survive the suffocating summer heat without air conditioning. In addition, the humidity, air ventilation and the amount of dust in the air in houses and offices could be better and do not deteriorate the health.

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    Best Heating Cooling & Air is a certified HVAC contractor Parker, CO, working in a collaboration with Xcel Energy and having prestigious industry awards. We have a solid utility stock and a qualified staff to provide services for various climate systems despite their age. Our reputation record is easy to check on the website. There you can see our multiple diplomas and the site contains numerous diplomas and project portfolio. Some of them might be familiar with and you know that our photo are real.The professionals makes a difference: HVAC contractor Parker, CO will take care of your effective climate control to fill in the premises with a clean and fresh air.

    HVAC Service

    HVAC Replacement

    HVAC Installation

    Systematic HVAC maintenance prevents dysfunction and prolongs the life of your air conditioner. Some routine fixing, for example, filter replace and drainage cleaning, easy to do yourself, while complex and time-consuming operations better to delegate to an expert.

    If you have lack of time or experience in maintaining air conditioning systems yourself, use the BHC&Air subscription not to miss anything. We draw a customized prevention plan after checking up the system, which is submitted for control to our tech team.

    HVAC Installation

    Climate control installation depends on the building architectural layout. The contractor’s team take measurements, check the specifics of the building and clarify the details such as the number of the people living in it, the window layout and their amount, the wiring condition, the air quality inside the house and the microclimate parameters. At the final stage, the system undergoes a trial and adjustment. The appropriate set up let you enjoy the benefits of a professional HVAC:

    • smooth functioning of the hardware;
    • reduced electricity consumption;
    • easy to use;
    • perfect blend with the interior design.

    HVAC Maintenance

    The long-below-zero winters and hot summers in Colorado depreciate conditioners so you may need HVAC maintenance Parker, CO more often. We define four types of microclimate unit systematic maintenance depending on the scope of work:

    • planned touch up keeps the system in proper condition using preventive fixing up, such as color, replacing filters and gaskets, inside cleaning, tightening and lubricating fittings, resetting, etc.;
    • systematic every 3-4 years implying the change of deteriorated parts, fittings and sections of pipelines, refrigerant, fixing deformations and cracks in air ducts;
    • overhaul involving the change of the main parts and communications;
    • urgent in case of emergencies.

    BHC&Air provide any type of maintenance considering the shortest possible deadline bringing our clients release from the winter low temperatures or summer heat. Our price list made up considering the average income in the region, while the quality is beyond expectations.

    HVAC Replacement

    Depreciation and outdated technology makes the HVAC maintenance helpless after 15–20 years of service. It is better to replace the unit leaving the wire net if possible as it starts to over consume the electricity and its spare parts are hard to find.

    You might also want to replace the central unit if the compressor is damaged. It is the most expensive component of the air conditioner worth 60% of the system cost. We can supply inexpensive branded equipment and parts at affordable prices to the request. The replacement of HVAC is twice cheaper in this case.

    HVAC Repair

    24/7 HVAC Service

    HVAC Cleaning

    Clogging of air conditioning units disrupts air circulation and reduces the efficiency of air ventilation; dust particles in the fan produce friction and heat of the fan engine. Timely change of the air filters is important to prevent clogging, as well as systematic cleaning of the air ducts, ventilation and drainage channels. Professional cleaning HVAC Parker, CO also includes shower and disinfection of the heat exchanger. Our staff ready to take over unpleasant duties to fix the system.

    Heating Systems Contractor Parker, CO

    Only licensed contractors are allowed to provide the services of repair and maintenance of heating systems as the cost of a mistake is too high. BHCA techs will take care of the well-being of the heating system including the lower energy consumption. You will get through the winter easily!

    Scheduled maintenance of a heating system is advised twice a year – at the beginning and at the end of the heating season. We clean the smoke channels, the furnace and the damper of the stove from ash and soot, test the pressure, lubricate the locking parts and door hinges, fix the thermal insulation, and tighten the chimney fasteners.

    Heating System Installation

    Residential buildings and offices usually have central heating with the coolant moving in a closed circuit, while the radiators distribute the heat over functional areas. The installation of heating hardware is based on a heat engineering when the choice of furnaces and boilers depend on the heat loss in each zone and the building as a whole. The heat generator is usually placed in the boiler room or in the basement; the heating units are placed considering the layout.

    Heating System Repair

    High temperatures and acids contribute to the parts depreciation. Burnt grates and fittings are easy to replace as part of scheduled maintenance while replacement of complex units and damaged pipeline sections requires a total makeover.

    Heating System Replacement

    The heating systems depreciate over 10-15 years in average, so the equipment and pipes have to be changed. It is impossible to select a heating unit with the same characteristics as the previous model; therefore, the heating unit is replaced considering the latest trends in heat engineering.

    Heating System Cleaning

    Poor ventilation is a sigh to clean the smoke paths and ventilation ducts, as the soot clogs can ignite. You can clean heating system yourself using brushes with weights and a jack to lift the chimney. In case of the coke residue on the fenders and ice plugs, solvent-based professional cleaning works best while for preventive cleaning of solid fuel furnaces, the soot is dissolved in the fuel additives.

    Furnace Service Company Parker, CO

    Professional stove installation, repair and maintenance services are in high demand in Parker as the avoiding heating dysfunction and fire concern everybody. BHC&Air is happy to take care of your stove and we will help you set up stove heating with minimal fuel and energy costs, without the suffocating smell of smoke in the house and traces of soot on the walls.

    Furnace Contractor

    Furnace Repair

    Furnace Installation

    Furnace Replacement

    Furnace Maintenance

    Furnace Motor Replacement

    Furnace maintenance plans are based on the characteristics of the unit and the type of fuel. The electric and gas stoves cause the less issues. The stoves to firewood must be cleaned at least once in two months. If you heat the stove once a week, cleaning once in six months is enough. Service packages also include minor preventive maintenance, insulation and seals checkup, control settings.

    Furnace Installation

    Observing installation protocol of the furnace is important for not only enhanced heat production and increased efficiency. It is a safety issue. To protect against sparks, thorough planning of the space around the firebox and fuel paths is necessary. To maintain draft, a hermetic penetration of the chimney and a thorough sealing of the roof and walls are the must. The wires must be sealed in order to avoid short circuits, when plugged in.

    Furnace Repair

    When the stove functions properly, scheduled preventive checkup is vital, though the emergency assistance is also in demand – for example, the chimney fasteners become loose because strong winds and need fixing. The first signs of a dysfunction occur long before the breakdown. Be alert when you notice anything unusual in the furnace functioning:

    • emergency switching off;
    • thermostat or start button dysfunction;
    • poor ventilation after clearing the smoke paths;
    • uneven heat distribution over the rooms;
    • condensate and leakage from the chimney;
    • unusual sounds and odors during unit operation;
    • dusty air despite regular cleaning;
    • sharp increase in electricity bills.

    Furnace Change

    The average service life of non-overused furnaces in the mass-market segment is 10–12 years and up to 20 years of those in the premium segment. In some cases, a furnace goes out of function earlier, for example, when the unit body is damaged or gross violations of fire safety rules occurred during installation.

    Furnace Cleaning

    In addition to planned maintenance, it is important to inspect the stove and chimney for debris regularly, paying particular attention to the head and condensate trap in stove-heated homes. The frequency of checks and cleaning of chimneys depends on the power of the heating unit, the intensity of operation and the type of fuel:

    • solid fuel and liquid fuel stoves up to 50 kW are examined annually at least six times; the more often the stove is heated, the more cleaning it needs;
    • four checks per year are sufficient for the heat generating unit from 50 kW,;
    • gas oven will work properly with 2 to 4 for annual inspections

    HVAC Emergency Service in Parker, CO

    Scheduled preventive maintenance and maintenance of climate control systems successfully prevent major breakdowns, but do not eliminate the risk of an accident. Emergencies sometimes do happen, and repairs in this case vital ASAP. Otherwise, it may lead to dysfunction of the system. So don’t hesitate to call BHC&Air any time: a repair team will get your emergency call and quickly fix problems within the budget of the homeowner, yet the price of emergency service is higher than standard ones.

    Why Choose Us

    Local companies are undoubtedly the best HVAC contractors Parker, CO, as they interested in attracting new customers and long-term cooperation. Compared to large countrywide chains, local firms charge less for their services, are familiar with the realities and offer customers conditions that are more attractive:

    • prompt processing of applications;
    • shorter terms of repair;
    • working in after hours, on weekends and holidays;
    • better logistics;
    • attractive discounts, bonuses and loyalty programs.

    BHC&Air is deservedly considered one of Colorado’s leading climate experts; we have been on the market for a long time and we know what the client needs – high-quality and prompt service for reasonable money, a transparent estimate without hidden surcharges and getting rid of unnecessary trouble. For the sake of your comfort, we do our best using only original parts, adapting to your daily routine and save you from the inconveniences. Expect us to:

    • set up a workplace;
    • dispose of construction litter;
    • cover of furniture and floors against dirt and damage;
    • work quietly;
    • give 100% guarantee for the services.
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    If you need the services of a climate control contractor in Parker, leave a request on the BHC&Air website, message or call the contact center. Soon we will follow up your request to clarify the details and agree on the time of our visit to solve the issue quickly, promptly and within you budget.

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    Best Heating Cooling & Air licensed, insured, NATE certified. As a Trade Partner we are able to provide for our customers rebate program for new installations.

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