Air Filter Replacement

Many malfunctions of air conditioning systems might be prevented by a timely change of an air filter. This procedure won’t take much time from you. But if you don’t want to change the air filter on your own, the work of a specialist won’t cost you much.

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    Air Filter Replacement Service

    In first signs of clogging of the air filter, it must be changed immediately because otherwise, an air conditioner can leave you face-to-face to the scorching hotness of summer when it refuses to work. Along with that, you will have a depressing bill from a contractor to repair the entire AC unit.

    Why should you change the air filter in your air conditioning system?

    The air filter of a conditioner is a complex of sieves, which are positioned under the air intake grill. It captures small dust and dirt particles, which are driven inside the machine during the fan’s work. Air filtration prevents clogging of the heat exchanger and drainage ducts. But the longer the air conditioner works, the more dirt is eventually deposited, so you need to change the air filters once in a while. You can do the change yourself in your home or ask for it during the scheduled service maintenance received from a company.

    How often should you change the air filter?

    The air filter change periodicity depends on the exploitation conditions and the design of the filtrating device. In moderate dustiness, inexpensive air filters from glass fiber should be changed once a month.

    More advanced pleated filters should be changed less frequently: once every 90 days. In very dusty premises and in specific year periods (for instance, during the dust storms or during the mass blossoming of poplars) filters are clogged faster and need more frequent change.

    But even if you aren’t changing the filter on your own, your pocket won’t be dramatically depleted: a cassette costs $23-40; a routine operation of air filter change costs $50-70.

    The importance of timely filter change

    The timely replacement of an air filter in your air conditioner is a mandatory condition for maintaining a healthy microclimate. Even the most sophisticated equipment can’t do anything against the unsanitary conditions. If you lack motivation, we could name you 5 reasons why you should brace yourself and go for an air filter change before it will completely clog-up:

    • keeping cleanliness and hygiene
    • improving health and immunity
    • economy on electricity consumption
    • failure prophylaxis and saving on repair works
    • prolonging the work of your air equipment to 8-12 years.


    Depositing dust in your air conditioner is not hygienic: house dust has a lot of pathogenic microbes and potential allergens like pollen, mold spores, or microscopic dust mites. The dust deposits are soaked with humidity, which is formed during the evaporator work. As a result, you get favorable conditions for the proliferation of bacteria and mold growth. The appearance of a stale smell when you turn on your conditioner means you should change the air filters ASAP and that you also need urgently wash the inner block of your AC unit, disinfect it and process with anti-mold remedies.

    Mold is dangerous not only for allergic people. Inhaling the spores of fungi and mold depresses the immune system, provoking the development of bronchial asthma, COPD, and emphysema. It also increases the risk of mutations and some types of cancer. Along with that, inhaling unclean air will not add to your health: you might have tiresome headaches, become more prone to colds, watery eyes, and get a lower intellectual capacity.

    Large electricity bills

    Clogging the air filter prevents the free movement of air masses, pushing the compressor to work with increased load. More energy is spent to cool down the air, and you start receiving bills with astronomic sums of payments, which significantly exceed the cost of the air filter change.

    Frequent malfunctions

    When a clogged filter stops performing its functions, the dust starts to accumulate on the evaporator and fan blades, interfering with the process of heat exchange. The evaporator starts having icing on it. If air ducts are very clogged, then the air suction from the drainages occurs, which prevents leading out the condensate. When the ice melts, water does not go away and it leads to leakages.

    Constant operation on the max limit will increase the wearing-out of the device. It could tolerate it for some time, sure, but if you won’t change the air filter, the compressor may burn down. Then you won’t go only with small repairs – the cost of a compressor strives up to the cost of an entire air conditioner. Then, probably, you will have to change the system entirely.

    Advantages of air filter maintenance

    Many homeowners change their filters on their own because there’s nothing hard here. You could also opt for a professional service of air filter change, which many HVAC contractors would be pleased to provide to you. They can do the change or clean the filter within the cost of the scheduled maintenance or for an extra cost. Commercial maintenance of air filters is convenient to do with other operations of this kind. When necessary, the technicians will eliminate the consequences of clogging by washing and disinfecting the inner block, evaporator, and drainage system. They can also replace the parts, which are out of order, and will tighten up the loose elements and connections. The BHCAir Company specialists are ready to assist you at any time of the day. We will swiftly eliminate the problem and give you recommendations on how to prevent clogging in the future.

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