An electric motor is one of the key nodes of furnace equipment, providing pumping up the air in the air ducts of the air conditioning system of a furnace. Replacing furnace motor is one of the most technically complex and costly procedures. Attention! Do not try to replace the motor if you don’t have the strong skills of professional repairing of heating systems!

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    Furnace Motor Replacement Service in Colorado area

    Mistakes of inexperienced masters can cause fire and the complete breakage of the furnace equipment. That’s why it would be better to resort to professional services of the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company. We guarantee a reliable and fast result of returning your furnace to a fully working condition!

    Why replacing a furnace blower motor is important?

    Sudden failure of a furnace blower motor can cause serious consequences – including fire, short circuit, and stop of the entire heating system. Periodic work outages in an old or damaged motor slowly undermine the well-being of the home, increasing the energy consumption and deteriorating the quality of the surrounding air with dust and soot.

    It is not always expedient to repair the motor. You won’t prolong the life of a heavily worn-out or damaged motor for much too long. It will be financially more expedient to replace a furnace blower motor. Electric motors cost from $400 to $600 for a one-speed model and from $600 to $800 for a multi-speed motor. If you don’t know, which one do you need, it is advisable to consult with a specialist.

    When your furnace motor has to be replaced?

    A motor wears out naturally. So breaking down does not jump at you out of the blue. There are certain and regular signs of not doing well, which you can notice. You should remember the three most common signals that require replacing furnace motor service, so if any of them occurs, start saving money for a new motor.

    Humming sound

    Unusual sounds during the work of the furnace indicate the incorrect functioning of a furnace blower motor. For instance, sharp rattling noise coming from a working furnace can be emanated by a belt with weakened strain, poor fitting of parts, or friction of bearings. If you take measures instantaneously, you can repair it. While knocking, clanking, buzzing, and crackling should definitely be more worrying since they come from a loose or a cracked part of something inside.

    When any unusual noise occurs, turn off your furnace immediately and contact your furnace contractor. If you leave the furnace working, the broken parts can damage the nearby parts, and there is a high chance everything will go down in flames so you won’t be able to repair your furnace at all.

    Interrupted work

    Self-turning off is mainly caused by motor malfunction, which leads to increased friction and overheating. When a motor heats up over some critical threshold, a system of emergency shutting down works, preventing a short circuit.

    Air in your home does not warm-up

    If all your rooms have been heating up evenly but now you feel the cold areas appear somewhere, it is the first sign of motor wearing out. That might especially be the case if the motor has been working for over a decade. Worsening the heat transfer can be explained by the bad speed of airflow because of weak pressurization. Low air circulation does not provide the necessary temperature, which might be caused by various reasons:

    • clogging air filters, air ducts, or fan
    • loss of impermeability of air ducts
    • damage of capacitor plates.

    When the battery has worked its resource out, or a system of management of fan work has malfunctioned, or controllers work incorrectly (particularly, of thermostats or alarm relay), the air circulation completely ceases.

    If setting up the automatics does not solve the problem, the motor cannot be fixed; the only thing you can do is to replace it as soon as possible.

    In the early stages of motor wear, the air circulation lowering is compensated by the increased energy consumption. So the only feasible sign of incorrect work of a motor is a booming growth of electricity bills.

    Anyway, if you think something’s wrong, don’t wait until the motor breaks down completely – contact us to invite our technicians to make a thorough inspection of your furnace so as to understand, where the problem is. This is very important to prevent you from staying without a working furnace in the midst of winter.

    Need a motor replacement?

    If the inspection results leave no other choice but furnace motor replacement, don’t get disappointed: by choosing the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company as your regular contractor, you can expect the situation to be resolved with minimum possible damage. The motor change will be done by us in the shortest possible time and for a very reasonable price in Denver. We can help you with the selection of the right motor model and even make procurement of a motor for a very reasonable price from our technical partner Excel Energy.

    The turnkey work by our company won’t interfere with your plans, as you are free to choose the best time for you to make the repair done, based on the schedule of you and your household. Our technicians will prepare the site for work themselves and will clean up after the work is complete. You will only have to sign the act of commissioning and don’t forget about the regular maintenance and inspection to make sure your new furnace motor works as long as possible.

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