HVAC Company Best Heating Cooling & Air Highlands Ranch CO – Colorado is a territory of weather contrasts: hot summers replace harsh winters so, willy-nilly, you will start thinking about the installation and optimization of the climate control system. If your house maintains thermal comfort at any time of the year, the change of seasons will no longer be the source of problems and it will bring you happiness. Best Heating Cooling & Air – the most reliable HVAC company in Highlands Ranch – will adjust the microclimate for your house: when our specialists get to work neither heat nor frost will bother you!

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    Services available in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

    Installation of the microclimate system is a complex and time-consuming process that requires high qualification of engineers and installers, professional equipment and wide experience. Use the services of certified contractors to get good servicing: NATE certificate confirms that the company has sufficient human and technical resources for high-quality performance of works. BHC&Air is a leading certified HVAC contractor in Highlands Ranch and Colorado: some of your friends may have used our services and can confirm that we work faithfully. The company provides the whole range of works related to the installation and service maintenance of the climatic equipment ­– from design and installation of climate control systems to repair of any complexity.

    Conditioning in Highlands Ranch

    In the continental climate of Colorado conditioning systems work at high capacity, they wear down faster and break more often, although many faults can be prevented with the help of correct installation and qualified maintenance. The competent installation provides high performance of air conditioners in a moderate operating mode, and the well-thought maintenance optimizes system parameters and extends service life of the equipment.

    Installation and maintenance of air conditioners

    Installation of air conditioning equipment requires a thorough engineering preparation: before installing the air conditioning system a reliable HVAC contractor in Highlands Ranch develops a project based on the general layout of the premises and determines the equipment. The issues of ergonomics, aesthetics and energy efficiency are worked out thoroughly and, as the result, you get a well-balanced, convenient and efficient climate control system that does not fear harsh weather conditions. After installation, our specialists perform a trial run and testing of the system, any faults are immediately removed by the installers and cause no troubles. By the results of the commissioning, the act of transfer and acceptance is drawn up, it confirms the customer’s right to warranty service and refund. Subscription service of air conditioners in BHC&Air company offers comprehensive technical support based on an individual schedule: we control vulnerable aspects of the system and remove any possible sources of problems before they bother you.

    Highlands Ranch Diagnostics and repair of air conditioners

    Modern air conditioners with program control are extremely demanding on operating conditions: if any parameter deviates from the optimum, the system fails. Besides, some faults stay unnoticed before a certain moment and then show up abruptly when a critical amount of faults accumulates – and the system fails unexpectedly at the worst possible time. In order not to get into a trap it is important to diagnose the equipment and remove minor faults early before they cause serious failures. Submit the application for technical examination and repair of your air conditioner on the BHC&Air website if you start noticing system failures:
    • poor air cooling;
    • condensation, leaks and freezing of pipes;
    • frequent spontaneous shutdown of the air conditioner and thermostat;
    • idle or flickering indicator light;
    • dusty stagnant air and dampness in the room;
    • house fungus and mold;
    • unreasonable high electricity bills;
    • constant sounds, noises and vibrations during the operation of the air conditioner.

    Why do people choose us for air conditioners repair?

    BHC&Air company is one of the best certified contractors for air conditioning systems in Colorado: we offer reasonable prices and pleasant cooperation conditions. By understanding our clients’ needs we try to ease the financial burden and organize supplies of the brand equipment within the scope of the partnership program Xcel Energy on favorable terms. Applications for air conditioner repair are accepted 24/7 and processed immediately; we will adjust to your schedule and will not cause any inconveniences. Our own base of original parts and accessories simplifies logistics and minimizes expenses for repair: you will not miss that pleasant chill in your house! Fast repair does not affect the quality of our services: you will deal with the licensed specialists who know all the brands of air conditioning equipment and improve their skills regularly; we provide a warranty for all kinds of work. You can find our record of services and examples of completed projects in the website portfolio: our clients’ gratitude inspires us to become better!

    Repair of heating/furnaces

    Long winters in Colorado make repair of the heating system in Highlands Ranch a matter of priority. Firstly, we expect a high energy efficiency from heating: by keeping the furnace in good condition you reduce electricity and fuel consumption. Secondly, the operation of heating equipment runs the risk of accidental fire; to make heating safe, the repair of furnaces and chimneys must be provided by a qualified contractor with all necessary permissions from the controlling bodies. In this case, the heating system will stop being the source of threat, and if a fire safety inspector visits your house, you will not have to worry and empty your pocket to pay the fine. Heating Cleaning services read more
    Furnace Repair

    Gas Furnace Repair

    Furnace Motor Replacement

    Highlands Ranch Furnace installation

    Do not try to install or replace the furnace in your house by yourself: this task requires good skills, special tools and perfect knowledge of the regulatory framework. It is easier and cheaper to ask specialists for help than remove faults made during installation: assembly and connection of the furnace is our concern!


    Typical problems with furnaces in Colorado

    Furnace failures are most often caused by incorrect service maintenance and mistakes made during installation and connection of the unit: lack of regular and sufficient precautious measures, violation of installation technology and rules of equipment operation create the ground for failures. Typical complaints from our clients are easy to remove faults that can be prevented through professional maintenance before the start of the heating season:
    • clogged air filters;
    • weak draft and uneven heating of the house;
    • shutdown of the electric ignition and indicator light;
    • interruptions in the thermostat operation;
    • frequent shutdown of the unit;
    • constantly working ventilator;
    • noise and foreign smell in the house.

    Home air cleaning

    If you live in an industrious district, in the vicinity of a busy highway or amidst flourishing vegetation standard filters may not be able to cope with high doses of contaminants. If you have to change the filter too often, you should think about the installation of the air cleaning equipment, otherwise, your conditioner will wear down before time and you and your relatives are at risk to get to know allergy and respiratory diseases. Household units for air preparation combine the functions of mechanical cleaning and neutralization of toxic chemical compounds: dust, soot, plant pollen and animal fur are caught by different-sized filters while sorbents and bactericidal layers in the cassettes bind harmful volatile substances and neutralize microbes.
    HVAC Cleaning

    Furnace Cleaning Service

    Installation of new furnaces and air conditioners in Highlands Ranch

    Furnaces and air conditioners must be replaced every 10-15 years: wear and tear spares nothing, moreover, the equipment fully exhausts its resources thus there is no sense in its repair. The equipment of the new generation exceeds old models in terms of energy efficiency and convenience of operation, besides, furnaces and air conditioners replacement is cheaper than installation ‘from scratch’: previously installed communications simplify the installers’ task; even if reconstruction of pipelines is needed, you save money and time in any case.

    Contact our specialists Best Heating Cooling & Air Highlands Ranch

    There are no reasons to set aside repair and maintenance of the climate control equipment for better times if a reliable HVAC company in Highlands Ranch is ready to provide you with services at your first request. Adjustment of heating and air conditioning in your house is easier than you think: submit the application on BHC&Air website and we will solve your problem without spending a single cent over the given budget!

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    Best Heating Cooling & Air licensed, insured, NATE certified. As a Trade Partner we are able to provide for our customers rebate program for new installations.

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