Indoor Air Quality

An urbanized environment means that adult people today spend up to 90% of their time indoors, so there are high demands to the parameters of microclimate. It is hard to comply with all modern requirements to the air quality only if you conduct ventilation at times. That’s why it is necessary to install ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

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    Indoor Air Quality Service

    You should expect a high level of professionalism and responsibility from the companies, which maintain the climatic equipment, so you should use the services of certified contractors to breathe freely!

    What is the air quality on the premises?

    According to EPA, the indoor air quality and its quality on the adjacent territories are defined by the parameters of temperature, humidity, the speed of air exchange, the content of carbon dioxide, and various contaminants in the air, which have biological and chemical nature. Special attention is paid to the existence of volatile organic compounds in the air, which are emanated by construction materials. In the enclosed premises, the harmful impurities’ content is 2-5 times higher than on the street.

    Microclimate norms for living premises are defined based on the volume and floor plan of the building, the number of dwellers, how electrical devices are positioned, what are the weather and climate conditions, and other factors. The specifics of industrial facilities are separately taken into account. Based on technical regulations, contractors shall make the design, calculations, installation, and commissioning of the air ventilation and conditioning systems.

    Multifunctional climatic equipment copes well with the simultaneous control of many indices of microclimate. They unite the functions of ventilation, heating, and conditioning. An automated system of indoor air quality is able to reinvigorate the atmosphere, optimize the exploitation loads, expand the service life of equipment, decrease energy consumption, and allow homeowners not to overpay for a comfortable and healthy habitat.

    Why is it important to know about the air quality on the premises?

    Pure air is important for the preservation of health and maintaining high intellectual productivity. Children and people with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases are especially prone to microclimate disturbances.

    Being in the stuffy, dump, and dusty premises for a long time undermines protective powers of the body, worsens well-being, disturbs sleep, and contributes to the development of a list of following ailments:

    • allergy and bronchial asthma
    • frequent colds and complications of respiratory diseases
    • constant headaches
    • neuroses and the syndrome of chronic fatigue
    • some types of cancer.

    How could you improve the air quality on the premises?

    It is possible to successfully fight unhealthy atmosphere in home and office. To do that, contact the BHCA Company – this is a professional service for indoor air quality control, which is NATE licensed. Our team fulfills the full range of works to control and manage the climate in the living and commercial premises:

    • microclimate diagnostic and testing climatic equipment;
    • calculating and designing the climate control systems;
    • selecting energy-efficient equipment;
    • installation and replacement of air filter;
    • installation, cleaning and maintenance of air purification system;
    • replacement and maintenance of heat recovery ventilator system;
    • installation, connection and commissioning of climatic devices;
    • repairing and service maintenance of HVAC systems.

    Advantages of indoor air quality control service

    BHCA is the leading contractor of indoor air quality in Denver, Colorado. We have a lot of achievements, including victories in prestigious contests, dozens of successful projects of microclimate management, and thousands of grateful clients. You can become acquainted with our work on the website’s gallery. Our team is distinguished in the background of our competitors not only with professionalism but also with the level of service, as working with us is easy, pleasant, and profitable. And here is why:

    • Accessible prices and transparent pricing. Every item on the list of works is agreed with a client – no hidden cost or “small text” in a contract
    • Swift processing of applications. We’re available 24/7 and are ready to assist you at any time, including holidays and weekends
    • Discounted prices for licensed equipment and expendables within our partnership program Xcel Energy
    • Minimum discomfort for our client. All technicians in our teams agree with you their working hours, do not make noise, and clean after themselves – you can count on our engineers!
    • Profitable programs of client service for climate control systems. The honored company for indoor air quality is ready to take care of the complex technical maintenance of a project and individual support of corporate clients and individuals.
    • 100% warranty for all types of works: should anything go wrong, we’re ready to give your money back in full.

    Conditions of cooperation are discussed individually: leave your request on our website and we’ll choose the optimal solution for your problem given the available budget. Projects of any scale and level of complexity are finished in optimal terms “turnkey” – our technicians fully organize their working process and you can concentrate on your work while we’re working, not making you worried about the result!

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