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HVAC company Best Heating Cooling & Air Aurora CO — clean fresh air and temperature comfort are vital for health and ability to focus for office folks. Trusted HVAC Company Aurora, CO represents an innovative power-effective climate control technologies to make you feel good in winter and summer. The Best Heating Cooling & Air team provides qualified installation services, repair and maintenance of climate control systems. We have reasonable prices, prompt timelines and worthy subscriptions.

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    Best HVAC Contractor Aurora, CO

    BHCA is among the top licensed NATE contractors in Colorado with a solid experience in the private and commercial sectors. As a local contractor, we know the specifics out here and our close warehouses and service centers speed up the timelines and save the clients’ budget on delivery. We provide a cost-effective expert service and handle all organizational issues to save your time:

    • our work always meet standards;
    • we do it in your convenient time;
    • we coordinate installation and repair work;
    • discounted supplies of equipment under a partnership with Xcel Energy;
    • disassembly and room set up, as well the after cleaning are included in the price;
    • our fair pricing is made for you to pay only for the necessary;
    • warranty included for all types of services.

    HVAC Service

    To keep the equipment in good condition, HVAC require regular maintenance, at least the seasonal checkup. Homeowners perform some minor fix on their own, but work that is more precise requiring assessment of the main parts is better to leave to professionals. You may need the help of expert as well for input assessment and installation while the faults may lead to disruption in future climate control functioning.

    HVAC Replacement

    HVAC System Installation

    Aurora HVAC Repair And Replacement

    Climate control maintenance is performed either within the plan or at the clients’ request. The seasonal checkup is the cheapest option. The standard package includes seasonal checkup for improving the system operation to improve power-effectiveness:

    • filter replacement and dust and soot removal;
    • paint works;
    • heat exchanger and drains cleaning;
    • control setting adjustment;
    • gaskets and seals replacement;
    • pressure checking to eliminate leaks;
    • replaces damaged pipe sections and fittings
    • shut-off valves tightening, etc.

    When the unit has no issues, the checkup is suggested once in every 3 to 4 years. The main parts not working properly are the call for a substantial makeover. We suggest changing the 10-year-old HVAC systems. The costs for the purchase and installation of new climate control system and the wiring restoration are justified by its power-effective work and better fitting.

    HVAC System Installation

    If your climate control system is installed considering the house design and an expert advisory for the choice of climate control hardware, it will function with fewer issues. Our technicians at BHC&Air are engineers who are very particular when it comes to climate control installation. Working under tight timelines, they make trial comprehensive assessment of the installed system before closing the project, preventing its work from the possible future issues at the beginning.

    HVAC Cleaning

    Full HVAC Service In Aurora

    24/7 HVAC Service

    HVAC Cleaning

    Clogging is disruptive for the climate control units as they interrupt the airflow while increasing friction and leading to engine overheating. Be sure to replace air filters in time and clean ventilation paddles and air ducts from dust and particles, as well as clean the drains from residue soil and rinse the heat exchanger before starting the system. If you find it difficult being systematic in such cleaning routine, we at the BHC & Air undertake cleaning responsibilities to prevent those types of clogging.

    Full HVAC Service In Aurora, CO

    It might be difficult for you to keep a maintenance schedule in mind if you are busy. To be sure your climate control is guarded, the HVAC Company Aurora, CO offers affordable full subscription services. We will monitor the system, schedule a necessary maintenance visits and will carry out them timely and appropriately.  

    Aurora 24/7 HVAC Emergency Service

    Timely maintenance does not eliminate emergency breakdowns that need to be fixed ASAP before it would lead to a bigger issue. In case of emergency, be sure to have the 24/7 service at hand to rely on who are ready to respond after hours. Consider us at BHC & Air as we are always in touch in Aurora and Colorado, quickly responding and promptly fixing.

    Installation Of Air Conditioners

    When it comes to the choice of air conditioner and the installation method, the room layout, its size and the number of aired islands are important, while in a commercial facility climate control is installed considering the type of business activity. The systems with a split distribution of freon are the most preferred for domestic installation while the portable air conditioners are perfectly fitted into small rooms.

    Strong air conditioners such as monoblock rooftops and evaporative airflow units and are perfect for commercial premises. They can be installed at any stage of construction, which influences the method of installation along with layout specifics:

    • cassette units are mounted inside a suspended ceiling;
    • channel units are concealed in the ceiling for an island air conditioning;
    • floor-ceiling units are installed parallel to ceilings in the upper part of the walls and vertically in the lower part of the walls.

    Air Conditioner Repair

    The most common air conditioner issues are clogged filters, air ducts and drains, as well as fan motor breaks, thermostat and temperature sensor disruptions, wire and setting issues. Make sure the fixing is planned in case of:

    • failed start of the air conditioner or thermostat;
    • unused odors or sounds, as well as bigger vibration;
    • dust and moisture in the room, appeared fungus and mold;
    • failed stop of the fan;
    • compressor or fan overheating;
    • poor air cooling;
    • condensate or leakage;
    • bigger energy consuming

    Air Conditioner Maintenance

    Many companies convince their clients of unavoidable regular maintenance with a licensed company, which sometimes leads to inappropriate service shortening the life of the hardware three times minimum. Seasonal checkup is vital twice a year in spring and autumn. Yet when the system is used intensively, it is better to consider monthly check ups.

    Cleaning the Air Conditioner

    During the seasonal checkups, we gradually remove the residue particles out of the indoor air conditioning units. We start from a filter, continue with a radiator and fan, and finish with a drainage. Our BHC&Air techs use professional antimicrobial and antifungal cleaning chemicals improving the air health. The outside units of split systems installed higher than the second floor require different procedure, thus, only the contractors having high-rise equipment can provide such services.


    Indoor Air Health

    To monitor air health, we suggest systematically test it for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, methane, microorganisms, fungal spores, volatile organic compounds, and residue particles. If something goes in red, we provide special air-purifiers neutralizing the air pollution and eliminating biting odors.

    Central AC Installing

    Central AC Repair

    Central AC Maintenance

    Central Air Conditioner Service

    The best maintenance plan for a central air conditioner is once in a quarter. This you may request within the BHC&Air subscription package. It includes diagnostics of the main parts, systematic checkups with a minimum fix:

    • a fuse, heater and regulator check up;
    • a compressor, thermostat and functions setting up;
    • fan balancing and engine assessment;
    • power and coolant level control;
    • channels and contacts replacement;
    • a condenser and heat exchanger cleaning;
    • a fitting, thermostat and other parts replacement.

    Installing a Central Air Conditioner

    The central air condition unit installation has challenges such as solid weight of the unit and strict requirements to its mounting. To install it, a tech would need to use a utility room, zero floor, basement or an attic in the house to place his raising equipment. The crane installation starts from the irrigation box added by the blocks on both sides, while the hoist and gantry installation the unit assembly starts from the ventilation channel.

    Central Air Conditioner Repair

    Because the central air condition unit has complex design and the toxic refrigerant fumes, only the experts must deal with its maintenance.  The most common are the power-related breaks, while the refrigerant and engine oil leaks are those we face less. There are also channel and drainage clogging and bolt loosening.

    Aurora, CO Central Air Conditioner Service

    As the main air conditioner functions as ventilation and conditioning at the same time, it can be overloaded. Usually, the air conditioners in commercial premises are under a service warranty. BHC&Air provide design, installation, service and all types of repair works for air conditioners. We are not intimidated by the innovative equipment and complex engineering challenges!

    Heating service

    Appropriate set up and systematic checkups of the furnace at the beginning of the heating season guarantee its safe functioning. The furnace, damper and smoke channels must be cleaned of soot, while the grate and fittings are replaced if necessary along with thermal insulation fix, chimney fasteners’ tightening, the top and the condensate checking up, the door hinges and locking parts lubricating.

    We look forward to working with you!

    Heater Installation Aurora, CO

    Installation of the heating system must consider the design and heat engineering input. The choice of heating systems depends on a premise heat loss in the building. The layout is designed considering the hydraulic input, the available spots for radiators and convectors in the room.

    Heater repair

    Because of its intensive work, some elements of the heating system and fittings use to deteriorate and need to be replaced in time. More than half of the heating system parts in poor condition are a call for a complex renovation. If your furnace is older than 12 years, we suggest replacing the heating unit and fixing the pipeline.

    To track the record of a contractor in a small town is easy, asking the people you know might be enough or read review in social media for better search. In addition to our good record, we at HVAC Company Aurora, CO prove our image with our activity. See the BHCA finished project portfolio and the awards we have on our website. One more pro to work with us is that we collaborate with large brands and invest in the workforce expertise providing systematic professional development, participation in field workshops and conferences, etc.
    The central air conditioning system is the best choice for divided climate control and air purification in large multi-zone premises. The power and performance of central air conditioners is higher than that of window-mounted units despite its reasonable energy consuming when the system is an appropriate fit.
    The measurements must be taken before the installation along with the design input assessment. BHCA is a trusted company and you have any risk to let our team in your house. We choose our techs thoroughly and avoid candidates with no police clearance. Our employees are trustworthy and have custom-tailored approach. Besides, they provide after cleaning. We are quite on duty, and always find a common language with your neighbors.
    If you are going to install the central air conditioner yourself, be ready to lift heavy units and work with concrete. You might get injury working on the roof with no special equipment. In addition, non-experts often make installation faults leading to expensive makeover and appropriate installation at the beginning ensures saved costs. Obtaining the permit is another challenge, so better to delegate the task to professionals who know ways to organize the smooth workflow including the issue-free permit.
    It might take time for installed climate control to pay off in the future. The property cost was estimated to increase its value by 10% or more after installing a central air conditioner. When buying a home in warm areas with high humidity, buyers are willing to pay an average of $2,500 for central air conditioning.
    In most cases, installing a central air conditioning benefits the home as you easy maintain a steady temperature and humidity in the room. Old buildings might need reconstruction of air ducts. If you are thinking about installing a central air conditioner, we suggest getting a consultation with BHCA experts. We assess the premises and indoor climate, making estimation and providing the choice options.

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    Best Heating Cooling & Air licensed, insured, NATE certified. As a Trade Partner we are able to provide for our customers rebate program for new installations.

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