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Heating Company Aurora CO – heating systems need special attention not to put yourself at risk to be frozen while it is broken, calling desperately a maintenance while ready to pay any extra for an urgent service. A licensed company servicing furnaces and boilers, with sufficient technical and human resources for high-quality work must provide proper maintenance of a heating system.

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    Every heating contractor Aurora is exposed to the consumer and Best Heating Cooling & Air is one of the best in the region and will never let you down.

    Heating Services

    When we need to install, repair or check up a heating unit, we make a search of a reliable heating company Aurora CO or similar. A trusted company provide all types of service, without involving subcontractors. Its portfolio includes a full service:

    • a heating system design fitting the space;
    • estimation and invoicing;
    • repair of any scope;
    • requested or subscribed maintenance.

    What Do Our Heating Services Imply?

    The bill for the services of the heating contractor includes the cost of assembly, hardware, parts and consumables. Meantime, we try to reduce the budget for a client. The collaboration with Xcel Energy allows us provide licensed HVAC units and original spare parts at discounted prices. Our transparent pricing hides no extras and hidden costs. We revise price if necessary, reducing the estimate with no influence on the quality of the system.

    Heating repair

    A request for repair of a stove or chimney does not mean just a fix for us at a reputable heating company Aurora. At the same time, we assess the system to prevent future disruptions, reduce energy costs and improve the operation. Depending on the scope of work, there are four main types of repairs with different levels of prices:

    • regular checkup is a timely maintenance to eliminate of minor disruptions;
    • systematic fixing every 3-4 years is a replacement of depreciated parts, channels and thermal insulation performed;
    • an overhaul involves the change of major parts and most of the channels. This also includes the redesign of the heating system layout, since all the communications must fit new parameters of the unit;
    • emergency is performed urgently when breakdowns occur.

    Hardware Maintenance

    During the cold season, heating Aurora CO request scores the highest as many applications barraging contracting companies, although regular maintenance and proper preparation for the heating season could prevent most of the breakdowns. Operation overload causes corrosion and parts deformation.  Burnt parts and fasteners must be replaced. The annual maintenance plan for furnaces and boiler equipment includes works that maintain the health and smooth operation of the system:

    • painting radiators and furnaces;
    • cleaning of the firebox and smoke channels from soot;
    • pressure checkup, removing cracks and air jams;
    • rinsing and disinfection of the heat exchanger;
    • net laying out and replacement of seals;
    • power checkup and electrical insulation, propping up the contacts;
    • lubrication of door hinges, moving parts and fittings;
    • assessment of the main parts such as the compressor, heater, thermostat and fuses;
    • fan and motor balancing;
    • setting up;
    • tightening the chimney fixtures, propping up of the head and condensate trap.

    Heating Installation

    Installing a heating system must eliminate inadvertence and misfitting. The quality of the design, installation and net layout are the basis for system smooth operation. We at BHCA fit each project into the space according to its size, develop a wire layout to prop up the heating circulation, design the chimney, and assemble the heating units and radiators considering the complexion and ergonomics.

    A trial following assembly identifies issues to eliminate and the sensors to set up. Such smooth work of tech team results in budget-saving, steady and capable heating system, integrated into the indoor environment.

    Heating Replacement

    The furnace older than 10-12 years has reduced capacity, while budget draining. Even if the system has no disruptions and does not need Aurora heating services, you would spend more on the furnace maintenance due to the low energy efficiency of an old unit. Any time, the heating can suddenly breakdown to bring you troubles of dismissed spare parts.

    A modern stove will quickly pay off with lower utility bills. Moreover, the purchase and installation of a power-saving unit are partially covered by federal and municipal programs. The borrowers receive cashbacks, tax deductions and access to low-rate targeted loans along with other bonuses.

    A furnace replacement is usually cheaper than initial installation. If the communications are in good condition and have matching options, there is no need to remove the system. You would pay from $500 to S2000 for the reconstruction of engineering layout. The deteriorated nods due to a poor maintenance may result in extra charged channel renovation.


    We take into account a low energy consumption when choosing a heating unit. The temperature sensors are the best solution to tackle with it. Such innovation implies a temperature sensitive thermostat and a valve regulating the flow in the radiators depending on the temperature.

    Simple manual models cost $50-100, while the price of an automatic thermostat with a multi optional program control settings costs $500, which is reasonable. Liquid manual thermostats reduce electricity consumption by 31%, the gas-fueled models – by 36%, while automatic models would save almost 50% of your budget.

    Like all automatic parts of a heating system, thermostats need proper adjustment and setting up. The multiple system errors can result in a functional collapse. The maintenance of the thermostat costs from $70 to $200, depending on the type of an assembly.

    Heat Pump Maintenance

    A heat pump is a type of an energy-saving air conditioner combining the functions of conditioning and heating. During the off-season, the unit may serve as a heater. The installation implies a low-grade energy from air, water and soil, and a lesser amount of electricity, reducing utility bills.

    Heat pumps are steady, easy to install and long lasting. However, if you have an issue with heating and air Aurora CO already knows – just contact BHCA. We have extensive experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of heat pumps as well as the necessary components at hand. Our techs will quickly bring your unit to life.

    An increased evaporation and condensation pressure following a pump dysfunction. So make sure to check up the pressure gauges systematically for prevention. An increased evaporation pressure is a result of various dysfunctions that need an immediate fix. See below what those are:

    • stucking valve when opened;
    • freon and oil leakage;
    • pump functional overload;
    • overextended evaporating area;
    • low compressor power.

    The occasional close of a discharge valve, the condenser clogging or its poor cooling, as well as an excessive refrigerant, non-condensable emissions and lacking evaporating area evolved from disfiguring accelerates evaporating pressure. Systematic maintenance allows preventing most issues. Prior propping up the heat pump implies the following works on maintenance:

    • thorough multiple heating systems, pumps, and protectors assessment;
    • checking up electrical insulation and contacts;
    • propping up pipes and collectors;
    • removing clogging and leaks;
    • filters fixing and a fan cleaning
    • checking up the oil and the level of the refrigerant.

    Be sure to change the oil and refill the refrigerant every 5-6 years in addition to your seasonal maintenance. Checkup the fasteners and baffles and clean the surfaces of the system from dust every three months when using a pump. In case of any issue, do not hesitate to call the experts. A minor fix is always cheaper than coping with a substantial breakdown.

    Central Heating Maintenance

    Central heating systems need systematic maintenance once a year in the fall, at the start of the heating season. Checkup the unit when using it at least once a month, monitor fragile parts such as a heat generator, a collector, pipe joints, air filters, locking devices, etc. If you change the filters more than twice a month, check the air quality as you may need to repair the furnace or install air cleaning unit.

    Automatic systems with program control are very sensitive in terms of use and maintenance. Take figures of measuring devices and smoke detectors every week. In case of significant deviations from the standard, be sure to diagnose the unit for software and technical disruptions.

    We Guarantee

    We at BHCA guarantee all types of our services. We are confident in our expertise and do not give reason to doubt the quality of the service. The acceptance certificate signed by a client and a supervisor of the team starts a warranty service. We are responsible for our work!

    How to Choose a Heating Company

    Each contractor boasts to be, if not the best on the planet, then at least the leading HVAC expert in Colorado, yet it is easy to check the local record of those. A reliable company must have a certificate and license to provide the service for heating systems. Otherwise, they may get fine for fire safety violation. Also, do not skip doing all due diligence and check the record of the company. The positive feedback on the social pages is the best advertisement for a contractor, as well staff development and professional achievements:

    • the portfolio of implemented projects;
    • awards in professional competitions;
    • corporate clients and partners;
    • successful projects for federal and municipal bodies;
    • attending field seminars and conferences.

    BHCA meets the expectations of any choosy client. Visit our website and learn about the long history of our success. There we have our solid portfolio as well with the photos of the finished works and positive testimonials. Some of these buildings you know for sure!

    Call Our Heating Experts Now

    If you need the heating company Aurora CO, contact a BHCA consultant ASAP. We are available any time and ready for any challenge. Do not worry about the pricing as our services are the most affordable in the region, and the level of service is always high. Moreover, we fit the estimate into your budget and refer to your taste. If you have called us or left a request on the website, consider that the issue is about to be solved. Our techs are on the way!

    We service and repair most brands of equipment, so you can trust us to perform a professional Heating job. If you’re looking for the top Local Heating Contractor Aurora CO and are tired of standard offers of every single company in the hood, which all claim to be the best, then you should opt for the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company because of the bonus, which no heating contractor in the area offers: off the price of heating equipment thanks to our unique partner program Xcel Energy!

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