A furnace is one of the most important household appliances. The colder the climate in which you live the more important for your furnace to keep its full capacity. Despite the quality and a long term guarantee, eventually each unit is exhausted and needs to be replaced which is quite expensive, since the price of the unit goes along with its installation. The service life of the unit depends on the proper installation as well as the safety of the householders. Thus, only professionals must do that work.

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    Do not wait until your unit will collapse and replace it once you see a hint of dysfunction to avoid extra costs. When it is better to do this and how much a professional replacement will cost, we will cover in this article.

    Are there any issues with your furnace?

    Do not wait until your furnace is in total collapse. As soon as you notice its efficiency is lower, while the fuel refills have increased, begin to search how much is furnace replacement, and get ready to hire a contractor to install a new unit.

    The in-building furnaces are expensive to replace, while the safety of residents and their comfort depend on their appropriate installation. For this reason, only the licensed companies that guarantee their products and services must carry out replacing a furnace.

    How long a furnace can serve?

    On average, a furnace serves for 20-30 years, yet after 10-15 years of its regular use an owner usually request the service center. You can put off the visit to a service center successfully if you change filters in time and clean the burners as well as make check-ins and re-adjust the settings before the start of a cold season, which you can delegate to your contractor.

    However, as soon as you notice that repairs have become more often, while the breakdowns are more complex, you should replace home furnace as soon as possible and do not wait its total collapse.

    Advantages of a modern furnace

    A new furnace will heat your home efficiently. It has following advantages in addition to low energy consuming:

    • does not pollute the air, making it fresh, clean and warm;
    • consumes less fuel, so your gas or electricity bills get lower.
    • does not pollute the environment.

    Some people consider buying new unit a waste of money. In fact, this is not the case, because cost of replacing furnace is lower than the total to fix the old unit, clean the room of soot and dust it emits, as well as cover high fuel consumption.

    How do you know when it is time to replace your furnace?

    A smart user does not wait a breakdown and an emergency home furnace replacement.

    He watches the operation of the unit monitoring the smallest deviations in it. Timely replacement of the furnace allows you to avoid additional expenses while leaving you within your temperature comfort. The following are the alert that it is high time to consider replacing the unit:

    • the furnace often breaks down while the expenses on maintenance increase;
    • the unit is noisy;
    • there is a lot of dust and soot during its work, as well as rust patches;
    • there are frequent random switching off/on;
    • the heat exchanger is cracked;
    • the heating bills increased while the furnace is used in its usual capacity;
    • the heat flow is not stable;
    • there are visible cracks rust and corrosion on the unit;
    • the humidity in the house increased.

    The more you see those signs at once, the higher possibility of future replacement. If the warranty is about to finish, then watch even more closely.  

    Signs that you need to replace your furnace

    An old unit often breaks down which not only influences the comfort in the house, especially in winter, but also is dangerous for the health of all who lives in it. Do not take the issue of replacing the furnace as a joke, it is better to do it as soon as possible if you have noticed the following:

    • extraneous noises appear while working;
    • maintenance has become more frequent;
    • home heating bills have increased;
    • the temperature in all rooms is uneven, while in some it’s as cold as before;
    • the unit turns off after a few minutes of operation.

    The average service life of a furnace is 15-20 years. If your unit is depreciated, it is better to replace and don’t wait for any dysfunction.

    What should I do if my furnace is dysfunctional?

    When the furnace fails, you need to find a qualified contractor to solve that issue professionally and quickly. If you need a furnace replacement Colorado contact Best Heating Cooling & Air. We will not only replace a dysfunctional furnace, but also take care of its future maintenance. The new furnace system will be warming your home for many years when taken care properly.

    Types of furnaces

    There are several types of furnaces. They differ in the fuel type used to generate heat. Each of them has certain specifics of use.

    Fueled by the natural gas

    This is the most popular type of a modern furnace. It works efficiently and heat the air well even at very low temperatures. The high capacity and low cost of fuel are the pros. The con is the emissions that have a negative impact on the environment as well as many air channels in the house required for installation.

    Oil-fueled furnace

    The demand for that one has been reduced as it is growing in expenses each year due to the rising oil prices, which is not critical for the northeastern United States and the people here still use oil furnaces. Such a furnace produce fewer emissions into the atmosphere than its gas-fueled fellows do. However, they do harm the environment as well.

    Electric furnace

    This is the most affordable unit for heating, which is easy and quick to install. However, the expenses for its operation is the highest if compared with other types of furnaces. Electric furnaces require more time to accelerate the work and warm up the room on the start. We advise to use such furnaces in warm climate when you do not need more heat so often.

    Coal-fueled furnace

    This type of a furnace is not common to use in cities. The wood and coal furnaces are more often used in rural areas. They are expensive to install, but require fewer expenses for maintenance as they can operate independently. The disadvantage of coal furnaces is their frequent maintenance to clean of ash.

    Propane-fueled furnace

    Propane is an oil derivative. The oil-fueled furnaces are quite efficient and compact though expensive. We advise to install them only if there is no cheaper alternative, for example, in remote country houses. Standard gas furnaces can also be propane-fueled, but they require additional equipment.

    Mini split system

    This is a 2 in 1 unit that can both heat and cool the air in the room. It is installed in the wall with screws. You will not need air channels for it, so the system is suitable for use only in small rooms. They come in different sizes and capacities, which influences the price.

    Geothermal and solar furnaces

    These are the most environmentally friendly of all types of furnaces, but they are very expensive. Though they require minimum expenses on the maintenance, the system is costly and unlikely to pay off even for the full period of its use. It is your option only if you are keen environmentalist who ready to spend in favor of your philosophy. 

    Cost of replacing a furnace

    The average cost of a furnace replacement ranges from 2.7 to 6.7 thousand dollars with the price of a unit, its transportation and installation included. Many factors affect the final cost. We highlight the most important:

    1. Installation cost. The price of the service includes the works on preparation to install, the installation and the channel system developing, if necessary. The more complex the installation, the higher the cost. The type of furnace, its size and complexity also influences the price. The average cost of installation is 4 thousand USD.
    2. Furnace efficiency. The more the capacity of the unit, the higher its cost. Models that are more expensive allow saving on fuel for them in the future. Switching from a low-efficiency furnace to a more capable one will cost 400-1000 USD.
    3. Energy source. The electric furnaces are less expensive, but they are quite expensive to maintain. Gas-fueled are expensive, too, while the fuel for them is relatively cheap. A contractor will advise the best type of energy that can be used to heat a particular house in a particular climate.
    4. Furnace size. Usually, the larger it is, the more it costs. However, a large unit is not always the best solution, as you will pay not needed extra, both for the furnace and for its future energy consumption. It is important to choose a furnace with the best capacity and size for your house.

    If you need a high-quality and fast furnace replacement Denver CO at an affordable price, contact Best Heating Cooling & Air. We will take care of the search for the best model, components, logistics and installation. Our experts will do it in the shortest possible time.

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