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Furnace noises and what they mean

If the unit produces noise, it means that it is working. However, the noise often means that the furnace system has issues. Noises differ and some of them are within norm, while others are the first sign that something is wrong and your furnace needs maintenance or even replacement of some parts. Every piece of […]

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How often does your air conditioner need maintenance?

Timely and appropriate maintenance is the must for prolonged and smooth operation of air conditioners and a healthy indoor climate. Maintenance is a planned activity, while the annual plan is customized, taking into account the available system and the input. Best Heating Cooling & Air, an award-winning NATE-licensed air conditioning contractor, offers affordable HVAC subscription […]

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When should I replace my AC unit ?

A central air conditioner is a multi-sectional unit for climate control in large buildings, combining the functions of ventilation, cooling, heating, and air purification. Despite a licensed brand is usually durable, one day you could face a challenge of replacing central AC unit, which is not cheap. However, if you hire a reliable contractor, the […]

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