Air purification system for home

According to ecologists, the level of air pollution is increasing every year. Especially the problem of air pollution is relevant for large cities, where the streets are constantly crowded with traffic, industrial plants and enterprises. Closed windows cannot save from pollution. Clean air becomes a luxury. Therefore, more and more residents purify the air using a special device. The purifier can significantly improve the microclimate at home, and thus the well-being of all who live in it.

What Does an Air Purifier Do?

Air purifier is a device aimed at achieving just one goal, namely purification of air masses from harmful impurities. The principle of operation is extremely simple. The device passes through the air masses, trapping various particles. As a result of the work of the equipment, the user gets the opportunity to breathe pleasant and clean air. There are several types of air purification systems. Depending on the wishes and requirements of the buyer to the capabilities of the equipment, it is possible to choose a device that cleans the air only from large particles. For example, dust or from animal hair. However, there are more technological, detailed air purifier units aimed at thorough air filtration. For example, if you want to get a perfectly clean microclimate in the apartment, house, office, it is worth paying attention to the equipment that can easily cope even with the smell of tobacco. In the selection process, it is worth carefully studying the technical characteristics, settings and capabilities of the equipment. This helps buy exactly the right device that will cope with the tasks at hand.

Who Needs an Air Purifier?

Almost every one of us needs an air filter. The list of those who need to buy the equipment includes:
  • inhabitants of megacities – practically every big city is cut by automobile roads. It is impossible to hide from harmful exhausts. The device helps reduce the amount of harmful substances and provides an opportunity to breathe freely
  • people with allergies or prone to allergic reactions – impurities of animal or vegetable origin settle inside the filters, reducing the risk of allergic reactions
  • anyone who is a passive smoker – inhalation of secondhand smoke can provoke the development of chronic respiratory diseases. Even if there are no smokers around, cigarette smoke still enters the room through the vents
  • all those who have animals in the house – to clean the air from the hair of dogs, cats, and other pets becomes the number one need for almost every third family in the country
When choosing an air purification system, each buyer is faced with a variety of types and models of equipment. The assortment is quite rich. Before you go to the store and start choosing, it is recommended to understand the differences between the devices. The cost the equipment depends on its type and capabilities. Therefore, it is important to clearly know which type of filter is most suitable in each particular case.

Flat Filters

Among all the filters on the market, this is considered to be the simplest and most affordable. It is installed in a furnace with forced air supply. The material of manufacture is mat glass fiber, which performs the task of catching large impurities in the air. Filter replacement is at least once a month. It is better to listen to the recommendations, because if you miss the time of replacement, you may face problems with the operation of the entire central air purification system. It is absolutely necessary to monitor the condition of the elements to avoid problems with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system as a whole.

Extended Media Filters

They are considered to be quite an effective solution, as they handle the idea of cleaning much better than their fiberglass counterparts. It is replaced once a year. Installed only by the experts. Masters will integrate the unit into the overall system for an acceptable amount, help to understand the principle of operation, as well as tell about the features and frequency of replacement. Its appearance resembles a harmony of filter plates placed in a special block.

Electronic filters

Electronic filters are a type of filtration system that belongs to the most modern and technologically advanced devices for air purification. The main advantage of such a filter is considered to be the absence of the need for replacement. The user installs the equipment only once and does not replace it all the time of operation. The only maintenance that will be needed is cleaning the plate from dust in soapy water once every few months.

Ultraviolet Filters

Ultraviolet filters are used in rooms that require special attention to purify the air from various viruses and bacteria. Ultraviolet rays have a quartzing role. Such systems are common in hospitals and other medical facilities where sterility is one of the main criteria. The UV ray is triggered only when the virus bacterium has gotten close enough to the cleaning system. It is not worth relying on the power of the equipment if a sneezing person is standing at arm’s length.

Air Purifier Buying Guide

Air purification service – the range of equipment designed for air filtration is quite rich. The best manufacturers, which have perfectly established themselves in the market, are considered: Alen, Blueair, Hunter, Levoit, Dyson, etc. Each company pays special attention to the depth of the range. Therefore, it is possible to choose both budget and expensive home air purification system that purifies the air in the room, regardless of the square and purpose. Well-known companies pay special attention to the quality of equipment and its functionality. All production processes are fully automated. The components are made of high quality materials. The cost depends on not only the capabilities and technical performance of the air filtration system. The manufacturer also plays one of the main roles. It is obvious that Dyson, for example, can not be cheap. But this brand also speaks of exceptional quality. In any case, if you need to choose an air purification system, it is worth studying all the offers, based on the budget and wishes for the efficiency of the device.

What to Consider When Choosing an Air Purifier

Once an air purifier has been selected, it is worth examining it a little more closely. In particular, attention should be paid to the following points:
  • maintenance costs – the cost of replacing filters may vary from several tens to several hundreds of dollars. It all depends on the type of equipment and consumables used in it
  • clean air delivery rate – the special CADR indicator indicates the efficiency of the equipment. The higher it is, the more efficient it is, so you should not spend more money on particularly powerful units, the need for which does not exist
  • energy efficiency – the certified equipment that has been tested under special conditions is able to provide energy savings of up to 40% compared to devices that have not received certification
  • area of the room – the technical documentation provides data on the area that can be served by the filter. But it is better to consult with experts, because the specified data are often at variance with the actual capabilities of the systems
  • noise level – the acoustic comfort is not the last parameter in the selection process. If the filter is humming, normal life in the apartment / house ends. Quiet operation regardless of speed and power is the main criterion that requires special attention.
If your own knowledge is short for a competent choice of filtration system, the best solution will be the help of experts.

Features of the Best Air Purifiers

Innovative technologies have also been introduced in filtration systems. Today, it is possible to choose a commercial air purification system offering the user various functions that will make the operation of the system even more comfortable and profitable. In particular, some models are equipped with pre-filters. They are installed before the main device and detain the largest inclusions in the air. They are responsible for extending the service life of the system. A few other useful features will help you understand the operation of your air purification equipment better:
  • indicator lights – lights up when it is time to change the filter
  • air pollution sensor – allows the system to adjust its own mode of operation to ensure consistently clean air
  • remote control – designed to easily make adjustments to the operation of the equipment
  • proprietary mobile application and the ability to connect the equipment to Wi-Fi network.
All of the above are convenient features that allow you to not only regulate operation, but also monitor efficiency, keep track of air quality indicators, and respond to possible problems in system operation in a timely manner.

Can an air purifier clean a whole house?

For most users who are interested in installing an air filtration system, the equipment is presented as a portable device that is installed in the room, and is able to serve a fairly small area of the room. Such device can indeed be found on the shelves of specialized stores. However, it is fundamentally different from that ac unit air purifier, which is integrated into the HVAC system. The air purification system automatically starts working every time the HVAC system also starts working. These are integral parts of each other, aimed at creating the most comfortable microclimate in a house, office, country cottage or even a retail space. At the same time, the thermostat, which is installed on almost all modern systems, allows you to simultaneously regulate the operation of HVAC and air purifier. However, filters do not require much attention and are not fastidious in maintenance. All necessary manipulations for cleaning and replacement are described in detail in the user manual. It is only necessary to follow the recommendations, and the air purifier will work perfectly for a long period. If we talk about the ability of the system to clean the air in the whole house completely, regardless of the total area, it is worth saying that it is 100% possible. Vents are installed in almost all rooms of the house. The filter effectively cleans all the air, which takes the equipment, giving through the vents qualitatively cleaned mass. Thus, the whole house receives clean, pleasant air, purified from allergens and other unwanted impurities.

Do Air Purifier Really Make You Feel Better?

Polluted air is a problem of megacities, which becomes more and more urgent almost every day. Going outdoors everyone becomes a hostage of the situation, which can not be corrected with a single click. Nevertheless, at home everything is in the hands of the owner. Installing a filtration system helps in making the air in the rooms much better. Filters come in different sizes, differ in functionality and filling. However, all of them solve one task – purify the air, eliminating harmful impurities. In fact, there is no official data that shows clearly that air filters actually help you feel better. No laboratory has conducted controlled studies, tests or experiments designed specifically to verify the effect of a filtration system. Air purification systems are capable of purifying the air qualitatively – that is a fact. Everyone knows this, from manufacturers to scientists, in whose offices such devices are installed. It is impossible to say anything unequivocally on the state of health. Nevertheless, if the filter allows you to alleviate the condition of an allergic person in periods of blooming irritants, or significantly reduces reactions to dust, then the installation of such a solution is definitely a justified step.  In any case, a filtration system will not be superfluous in a house, office or any other room.