Central Air Conditioning Replacement

Central air conditioning is the equipment that is usually installed in large buildings. Office premises and residential complexes, country cottages, in which there is no sense in installing stationary split-equipment, need more ambitious solutions. Central air conditioning creates the necessary level of comfort for human life. The equipment supplies fresh air, maintains humidity and the desired temperature. In addition, air conditioning cools or heats, purifies air masses.

Types of Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioning is the number-one choice for a wide variety of premises. Such systems are mounted in residential buildings, administrative, industrial, office buildings. Properly selected equipment will be able to provide a favorable environment in each room of a building, regardless of number of floors or passability. The technical condition of the system must be monitored on an ongoing basis. If this condition is met, the air conditioner will be able to operate properly for a long time.

In the event that central air conditioning replacement is required, it will be necessary to choose from a large range presented on the market. There are many models, but they are all divided into several types, which differ depending on the technical characteristics and configuration. There are three types of central air conditioners:

  • system equipped with an additional heat exchanger for heat recovery – the heat exchanger heats the supply air using the heat of the indoor air masses
  • uniflow system – in this type of equipment, the heating, purification and humidification of air are made
  • central, with an additional recirculation function – in such systems, an additional section which mixes warm air into the supply streams, is installed.

From a technical perspective, a device of each type of central air conditioning is the same. Depending on what functions the system must have, aggregates and nodes are additionally selected and installed. The standard equipment provides for the presence of noise reduction, filtration, intake and supply and air-cooling sections. A recuperator is added at the request of a customer.

Should a Central Air Conditioner Be Replaced?

Problems with central air conditioning can cause a lot of trouble. The air in the room becomes stale, labor productivity drops, and everyone in the room experiences physical and emotional discomfort. In addition, condensation begins to form on the windows. Mold and fungus can appear on the walls. Elimination of negative consequences will require significant financial and time costs. That is why, if a disorder in the operation of the equipment is observed, it is recommended to immediately contact a specialized company.

Malfunctions of central air conditioning become apparent if:

  • it is difficult to breath in a room, the air is stagnant
  • formation of unpleasant odors that do not disappear even when the system is turned on
  • the air conditioning fans are too noisy
  • the system starts to make uncharacteristic sounds: crackling, hum, rustling
  • the air conditioner is no longer able to cool the premises at the same level
  • the burning odor is felt from the air ducts.

There can be several reasons for the formation of malfunctions. The specialists which will diagnose the system will be able to determine exactly which one was the impetus for a breakdown. The most common are:

  • incorrect installation
  • violations of the terms and conditions of operation
  • clogging in the ventilation duct area
  • failure of individual nodes/aggregates
  • lack of preventive inspections throughout the entire operational period, as a result of which the filters and other important components become excessively contaminated
  • errors made as a result of maintenance.

Central air conditioning replacement may be necessary even if the installed system is obsolete. Modern devices can offer more functionality. The systems are energy efficient and meet high safety standards.

How to Choose the Best Central Air Conditioner

In order for a central air conditioning system to properly cope with the tasks, it is necessary to choose the right type and equipment. There is a list of criteria that you should pay special attention to if you need the central air conditioning replacement:

  • air conditioner load – the indicator is affected by the total area of the room, the type of windows and doors, their location, as well as the orientation to the sun. By calculating the load, you can also take measures to improve the energy efficiency of the building
  • air conditioner size – depends on the previous indicator. If incorrect calculations are made, the system will not be able to cool/heat the premises properly
  • performance metrics – this includes safety features, voltage requirements, presence and quality of sound shields
  • type of equipment – packet or split system. The difference lies in the placement of the condenser in relation to the fans and coil.
  • placement – no external factors should affect the effectiveness of the device. That is why, it is better to choose an air conditioner that can be installed in the given operating conditions.

The choice is also influenced by the presence/absence of air ducts. It is impossible to choose the right central air conditioner on your own. This requires technical knowledge and skills possessed by the specialists of installation companies and service providers.

Central Air Conditioner Replacement: Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional

Central air conditioning can be called a sophisticated device. Therefore, in case of detection of errors in its operation, it is recommended to urgently contact experts. Knowledge of the features, availability and ability to work with tools will make the replacement quick and safe. Independent intervention may cause difficulties with installing a new system, problems with setting up and subsequent operation of the air conditioner.

Appeal to the specialists of a specialized company is:

  • the accurate diagnostics, safe and fast replacement of the system
  • the constant access to high-quality spare parts that may be needed during operation
  • the guarantees and responsibility for the performed service
  • the warranty and post-warranty service
  • the ability to call at any time in case of detection of problems in the system.

Experienced specialists will help you choose equipment that meets the requirements of users and premise parameters. During replacing, dismantling and proper installation of a new system will be performed. The system is s calibrated, adjusted and launched. After the whole set of works is completed, the specialists will hand over the documents necessary for warranty service. If required, you can conclude a contract for a service, preventive inspection. To do this, you can create an individual schedule or follow the recommendations of an equipment manufacturer.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Central Air Conditioner?

The central air conditioning replacement cost cannot be stable. In each individual case, the experts calculate the final amount on an individual basis. It is important to know that it is impossible to draw up an estimate and withdraw the amount without preparatory works. Replacing a central air conditioner will require an inspection of a failed or outdated system and assessment of dismantling works. In addition, having arrived at the site, a specialist evaluates the scale of a premise, the number of windows and doors, the sunny side, and analyzes the state of engineering systems.

The replacement cost also depends on whether the system needs to be improved with additional components and aggregates. The experts help determine the type of central air conditioner, make the necessary miscalculations. It is impossible to replace a sophisticated system without performing a complex set of works. Therefore, it is possible to find out the replacement cost only after the appraiser is able to summarize the inspection and analysis of the premises. Applying to our company, each client receives a fair and transparent assessment, low prices for the replacement of a central air conditioner and professional consulting assistance at every stage of cooperation.

Factors in Calculating the Cost of Central Air Conditioner Replacement

To correctly calculate the cost of replacing central air conditioning, you need to consider a list of important factors:

  • necessity to dismantle/install air ducts
  • checking the status and correcting errors of communications
  • assessment of the required amount of ventilation equipment
  • miscalculation of air distribution devices
  • possibilities for connecting power supply cables
  • features of a building and premises in which it is necessary to maintain a comfortable microclimate
  • number of people permanently staying in the premises
  • declared budget and timing for the replacement of a central air conditioner.

All items shall be carefully analyzed and calculated. Before proceeding with the replacement, the experts must be absolutely sure that all the necessary parameters are considered, and the work will proceed without any problems and delays.