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Heating service company Denver, CO – several factors out of human control affect the heating system of the premises: weather conditions, the quality of energy carriers, and the infrastructure. Even if you do everything correctly, a malfunction can still occur. That’s why it is so important to have a reliable heating contractor. It would be the best possible solution to contract with a local company, which works in your region and knows all peculiarities of local work. So, when you google for heating companies near me, the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company is one of the first on the list, which is ready to come to aid 24/7. We are one of the most popular contractors in Colorado area.

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    Year after year, googling for the heating supply company near me, you see our website among the first. Some people might ask who does the best installation of a heating system near me. But they do that because they simply don’t know that the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company is the optimal local contractor, who is able to do installations and repairs in the promptest possible manner, also working on prevention of breakages.

    Heating service

    A list of services for heating system maintenance

    Qualified technical maintenance by a reliable contractor is the most essential part of accident-free exploitation of the engineering networks. Preventive maintenance allows avoiding the malfunctions of critical and weak nodes, aiming at the prevention of large breakages, which is going to save money, as the biggest repair that you do would only be a small one.

    Traditionally, the best contractors are local heating companies nearby that have an operative advantage and know the region well. So it would be a smart idea to find a reliable local contractor near me to deal with and rely on this company in preventive and regular maintenance according to the pre-planned schedule.

    Every truly reliable company for equipment repairs has to have enough resources to make sure the full cycle of preventive and regular maintenance. The Best Heating Cooling & Air Company in Colorado area, is a specialist in the area. It has all the necessary certifications and a powerful resource base:

    • highly experienced technicians
    • cutting-edge special equipment used for repairs
    • own stock of original spare parts.

    Technical maintenance made by heating repair companies the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company embraces the entire range of preventive and regular maintenance, including visual inspection of nodes and systems or full repairs and replacement. You should contact us for any questions regarding the heat repairs or maintenance, even the nastiest ones!

    ➤ Furnace maintenance

    The main aggressive factor is the extreme heat load. That’s why it is so important to control the level of heating of outer surfaces during the service maintenance, as well as the wholeness of insulation, valve tightness, and the general condition of valves. To maintain the thrust, the ducts have to be regularly cleaned from dirt and soot. The fire safety of furnaces also includes the revision and adjustment of the power block, inspection of the start valves and pressure regulators.

    ➤ Installation of furnaces

    Professional installation is a must-have condition for the comfortable and safe operation of furnaces. That’s why it is important to allow only specialists to the furnace installation. Based on premises measurements, the project is designed that includes all specifications. Then, equipment and accessories are planned according to the design project. After the budget is verified, the furnace installation & plugging occurs, making sure the correct connection to ducts and chimney. A trial run of the system is carried out before the system’s commissioning.

    ➤ Furnace repairs

    When any malfunctions are found, we can dismantle the nodes to provide a spot repair (evading the total repairs of the entire system – as far as it is possible). The repair of nodes and systems is made in the shortest possible manner. Such range of works is made during one visit:

    • replacing the parts that are out of order
    • restoration of the wholeness of sheathing and thermal insulation
    • cleaning the chimney clogs
    • tightening of mechanisms where required
    • correcting a power block if required, and others.

    ➤ Furnace replacement

    If a furnace is worn out dramatically, repair may be inexpedient. In most cases, it is advised to replace it with a new model – it will be safer & cheaper. We are ready to free you from the hustle and bustle of the replacement: we can find the required model and accessories based on the premises parameters and condition, bring the furnace to your place, install it, connect it, and run it! We’ll even take out the garbage and leave the floor clean!

    ➤ Furnace cleaning

    Soot accumulation in the chimney ducts prevents free air movement. The thrust worsens, the fuel expenditure increases and the CO2 starts filling in the premises. To preserve a healthy microclimate in the premises, the chimney and main nodes of furnaces have to be regularly cleaned from soot and other products of burning. The Best Heating Cooling & Air Company uses professional machines and reactive liquids to clean the ducts, which provide more reliable and long-term results compared to any home remedy for everyday cleaning. The vacuum cleaning with HEPA technology leaves no chances to soot!

    ➤ Furnace motor replacement

    A furnace engine cannot be repaired. If it breaks down, a new engine is installed, having the same model and series. If your furnace is too old to have any spare parts on the market, we can find an adequate replacement, which would ideally fit the system and prolong the furnace life!

    Heating systems that we work with

    Heating services — our broad competence is the best answer to your desire to find the best heating company near me. We do the repairs of all types of heating equipment, which one can meet in residential and office premises – including furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and ductless systems.

    ➤ Furnaces

    High heat load causes some vulnerable elements of furnaces to burn out and wear faster. Such things have to be replaced: bricks, thermal insulation, and metal components, such as pre-furnace plates, grates, linings, valves, and furnace doors.

    The clogging of smoke ducts creates a real threat of poisoning with CO2, so when you spot the first signs of weakened thrust, the ducts have to be cleaned swiftly.

    ➤ Boilers

    Individual heating systems are designed with a large margin of safety. However, the exploitation of furnaces inevitably leads to the accumulation of malfunctions. During the system’s revision at the beginning or end of every heating season, planned maintenance of furnace equipment should be made.

    When there is a need to replace 25% or over of the furnace system components, a general repair is planned. Very often, it is combined with furnace modernization. This task is very frequently performed by our technicians.

    ➤ Heat pumps

    A heat pump installation can dramatically decrease the energy bill. But to make the pump work at the maximum of its efficiency, such equipment requires qualified maintenance.

    Preventive maintenance is boiled down to cleaning the clogged filters and removing foreign bodies from the outer part of the pump. In serious situations, nodes and parts have to be replaced, for instance, a compressor, a ventilator, or a controller.

    ➤ Ductless systems

    As a rule, malfunctions in the ductless systems are connected to the natural wearing of the network. Rarer, they are connected to errors of design and violation of the installation process. To prevent any possible breakages and malfunctions, the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company is ready to provide you with the full cycle of works:

    • repairing separate nodes and segments
    • elimination of leakages
    • replacing worn-out elements and nodes
    • installing the protective constructions and additional insulation.

    Heating Contractors in Colorado area

    The Best Heating Cooling & Air Company is always on the first positions of Google search results by the keywords ‘best heating contractors near me or in me area’. If you’re looking for the top Local Heating Contractors CO and are tired of standard offers of every single company in the hood, which all claim to be the best, then you should opt for the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company because of the bonus, which no heating contractor in the area offers: off the price of heating equipment thanks to our unique partner program Xcel Energy!


    If you’ve never faced heating system repairs before, you might find it frustrating to understand what’s going on and select a really trustworthy contractor. To help you make a reasonable decision, we’ve prepared some answers to the frequently asked questions, which home heating companies, like ours, receive from potential clients.

    During the heating season, it is advisable to change the furnace filters every 30-45 days. In the water heating systems, the first replacement of the main filter is made in 6-8 months after the system’s launch. Then, cartridges are changed as they get dirty but, in any case, not less frequently than once a year; if your cartridge stays transparent, no change is needed for now.
    According to the recommendations of Xcel Energy, the optimal term of furnace exploitation is 18 years. After that, it isn’t recommended to exploit a furnace since its efficiency decreases too dramatically, it becomes morally obsolete, and the maintenance costs grow too much.
    Toxic byproducts of burning soak through the cracked heat exchanger and the furnace has to be replaced because of the current technical norms to prevent anyone’s poisoning.
    This is possible in theory but the changes not always recoup. Before you do anything, order the calculation of the economic expedience of the furnace remodeling.
    The more the furnace efficiency is the more heat it produces. All premium furnaces with or above 90% of efficiency are very effective in turning fuel into heat. Yes, their cost is bigger but they recoup due to better outcomes in their efficacy. In the moderate climate, it is expedient to install furnaces having from 80% to 90% efficiency. But for harsh and long winters, consider the models having 94%-96% efficiency, especially if your regional market has high fuel prices.
    As a rule, the preplanned service maintenance of furnaces should happen once a year – before or after the heating season. Thus, if you face the need for capital repairs, you will have enough time to get ready before the colds start.

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