Furnace maintenance aims to keep the unit functioning smoothly. Service technicians suggest inspect the unit each heating season to make it ready for operating under pressure and make it as safe as possible. In addition, it helps to maintain the furnace during the year for the best condition.

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    Why Is Furnace Maintenance Important?

    The importance of maintenance lies primarily in ensuring that the system operates properly. In addition, maintenance furnace:

    • validates its warranty as eventually the unit will collapse, its parts will be deteriorated or changed. A warranty will save your money on a repair.
    • increases the efficiency of the furnace unit. A lot of dust and soot accumulates inside it with time. Skipping the cleaning will result in less efficient operation while not heating the room appropriately.
    • increases the service life of the unit. Contemporary units, on average, function with no issues and halts for 15-20 years. Some models supposed to have a longer service life. In case if you skip the maintenance, your unit may go out of function earlier than the manufacturer’s standard claims.

    In addition, the furnace preventive maintenance detects issues before they start damage the unit.  Damage prevention or elimination at the very beginning is a major maintenance task.

    Regular maintenance does not mean that the tech inspects it every. Setting it up once a year is enough to ensure that the heater would heat the house properly while it is cold.

    Signs You Need Furnace Maintenance

    Sometimes an owner himself notice the issue with the furnace. We do not advise inspect it or repair yourself. Depending on the model and features of the device, you may need different tools to monitor the issues and repair. Therefore, calling the professionals is the best way to regular furnace maintenance.

    The following are the signs that it is high time to call the maintenance:

    • poor heat or no heat
    • higher electricity bills
    • odor during operation
    • noise in the system
    • operation disruptions (the furnace turns on and off in sessions).

    Changing or blinking control light is another sign of a furnace damage. In each individual case, there is a reason why the system came to inefficient operation. Our techs can quickly detect and fix the issue.

    When is it Time to Hire a Pro?

    We suggest maintenance at least once a year. However, there are also emergencies that only professionals can deal with to fix house furnace maintenance.

    For example, the furnace halted, an error is on the display, running pump does not supply the gas, the heater turns off after a short session when start running.

    Heat in the case, noise, whistling, clapping while operating are the signals to call the service center. An expert will quickly detect the reason and eliminate such dysfunctions as pressure drops in the system and operation disruptions.

    Furnace assembly is complex and includes a lot of components and joints. You can endanger your health or life or just facilitate an emergency while making efforts to fix it with no experience. Therefore, request an expert service and order the maintenance furnace Denver instead of DIY efforts.

    What Does Furnace Maintenance Include?

    Maintenance of the furnace is initial when installing new equipment. In this case, a tech checks the furnace for compliance with all norms and standards for its appropriate installation. One more type of maintenance is the annual checkup when a tech inspects the system and ensures its smooth operation during the heating season.

    Annual maintenance includes a wide range of works. Average cost of furnace maintenance always remains within your budget. In particular, the master takes measures of the carbon monoxide level, inspects the ventilation, the chimney, and parts of the gas pipeline as well as the protective shut-off blade, the heat exchanger, the filter and the flame detector. It is important to inspect the motor and check the temperature level in the system.

    As you can see, the list of signs is quite impressive. Each part plays great role in smooth operation of the unit. Measuring each indicator, a tech can evaluate safe and efficient operation of the furnace throughout the heating season.

    What does Furnace Maintenance Cost?

    Cost of furnace maintenance depends on the following:

    • contractor’s pricing
    • average wage rates in a region
    • level of services.

    A package of services may include just checkup works. In particular: filter checkup and cleaning, as well as the draught channels and combustion box, fan blades, and condensate level. Such a service package is usually low in price and everyone can afford it.

    However, if a client wants to conduct a more thorough inspection of the unit we can expand the list of options with additional services. For example, adding an inspection of the heat exchanger, CO or gas leaks or such services as burner balance or reconcile functioning of a furnace also possible but they increase the price.

    Note that a checkup may reveal some disruptions and malfunctions thus adding to the estimate due to the spare parts included, as well as the charge for extra works. Service packages are valid only for units of sufficient capacity. The price is fixed until a breakdown. Therefore, we specify all the details and works suggested when concluding a service agreement for a furnace.

    What Are the Benefits of Annual Furnace Maintenance?

    Many clients ask: “Why do you I need annual maintenance?” After all, you can just call it only when the unit is broken and needs fixing. However, such a way of thinking opposes the truth, as prevention is much easier than accumulating extra money and time to solve the issue.

    Furnace annual maintenance has such advantages as:

    • appropriate functioning of a furnace. The new furnace works smoothly while later such a pressure as pressure filter clogging, reduced draught, and fan damage depreciates it. The annual service checkups ensures high productivity, aiming to eliminate any issues.
    • saving money and the environment. Timely maintenance and adjustment can reduce energy consumption. Pollution and the malfunctions may provoke an increase in the electricity and gas consumption. You may not even notice how the service bills gradually increase, while it happens only because residues of dust inside the system or the gas valve broken. Regular checkups prevent the system from increased consumption of electricity and gas, which means they will help you to keep your expenses under control.
    • a comfortable temperature in the room is one of the main advantages of the annual maintenance of a furnace. It is supposed to produce a comfortable temperature in the building or room which hardly possible without timely checkups, while the capacity will reduce each year to the lowest.

    No matter how you look at it, there are no cons to annual maintenance. Instead, there are plenty of benefits and reasons to maintain your furnace properly. Once a year, everyone can afford to pay for a service checkup, as the cost of annual furnace maintenance will not cost a penny. Moreover, it will save your money on future more complex issues.

    An additional advantage of a regular maintenance of the furnace is smooth work with no disruptions.  We suggest avoid DIY maintenance efforts as it may result in damage to either the unit or your health. Qualified service centers can tackle those tasks quickly and easily, ensuring its high efficiency while saving your money and time.

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