Almost every home today has air conditioning. This device is designed to create and maintain a comfortable indoor climate. It is the split system that helps calmly survive hot days and feel good in the cold winter period, and like any other device, the air conditioning needs periodical care and maintenance.

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    Cleaning, preventive maintenance of the equipment ensures not only error-free operation, but also prevents a negative impact on the health of the whole family. Service procedures extend the life of the air conditioning, help reduce energy costs, maintain a healthy atmosphere in a house.

    How to Determine if Your Split AC Needs Service

    The following signs will tell you that it is urgent to call an air conditioner cleaning specialist:

    • smell of damp immediately after turning on the system
    • low power of operation, inability of the equipment to cool/heat a room
    • increase in electric power bills
    • formation of extraneous noise during the operation of the system: knocking, crackling, rustling
    • condensate leakage, traces of drips on the body or walls
    • sound of water flowing inside the device.

    In addition, it is worth paying attention to the condition of the body. In case of already visible contamination, it is recommended to immediately call the service provider. The faster the maintenance of split ac is conducted, the less the risk of a system breakdown.

    Importance of Maintenance

    The split ac accumulates various contaminants during its operation. Lack of cleaning and maintenance will provoke the formation of various foci of biological activity inside the system: fungus, mold, dust mites. Dirt is dangerous for the smooth operation of the device. It can lead to breakdowns, costly repairs or complete replacement of the equipment. Dirt is dangerous to the health of everyone who breathes the air that a polluted air conditioner pumps.

    Split system ac maintenance is an important part of the operational process. No equipment can operate forever. In order for a split system not to make errors, failures and problems, it is necessary to systematically call the service technicians. This will ensure the normal operation of heat exchangers, filters, compressor. If we talk about the compressor, then its repair or replacement because of a breakdown will cost the owners 50% of the cost of the equipment. It is cheaper and easier to perform prevention than to get rid of the consequences of negligence.

    What Maintenance is Needed for a Split AC?

    Depending on the frequency, maintenance of air conditioners can be:

    1. standard, once a year – includes checking the performance of systems, freon pressure, temperature readings, filter cleaning or replacing
    2. seasonal – twice a year. As a rule, during spring and autumn time, when the heating period ends and the hot season begins, when it is necessary that the system effectively cools premises
    3. extended – usually, it is performed with systems that operate in active mode. For equipment that almost never turns off, an individual schedule is drawn up, according to which the maintenance provider performs the necessary work.

    During the maintenance, the masters can perform such works as freon refilling, diagnostic measures, drainage system cleaning, external and internal unit servicing, tightness checking and more.

    Split AC Cleaning and Maintenance Procedure

    Cleaning air conditioners is a voluminous procedure and requires some preparation. Specialists that come to perform preventive maintenance to clean the system, perform:

    • filter cleaning – when it comes to mesh filters. In case if bag filters are installed in the system, they are simply replaced with new ones.
    • radiator cleaning is the most problematic part of the split unit ac maintenance process, since the radiator is a part consisting of several plates. Dirt clogs between them, and it is not easy to remove it. Either a long-bristle brush or a vacuum cleaner is used. Nevertheless, sometimes, this is not enough, so experts apply some additional measures.
    • fan cleaning – the blades are cleaned with special cleaners and tools. It is important to handle the blades carefully, otherwise they can be damaged, and you will need to spend a lot of money on their maintenance.
    • drainage system cleaning – the contamination of this part of an air conditioner becomes a source of biologically dangerous foci. You can clean the drainage by yourself only superficially. This is why a professional maintenance service will be the best way out.

    The external part of the system also needs care. This is one of the most difficult moments. It is performed at least once a year. Better – twice a year. The first time it is performed a year after the installation of the system. And thereafter – every 6 months.

    Professional Maintenance of Split AC

    High-quality maintenance of an air conditioner is a set of services. Rinsing the filters under running water cannot be attributed to a professional service. Such manipulations can be attributed to independent maintenance. The service provider provides an integrated approach. This guarantees a long lifetime of the equipment, as well as a consistently high efficiency and safety of the system.

    A professional service company works in accordance with a concluded contract, which specifies all the options for servicing a split system. Masters will perform the necessary works according to the established schedule or in standard mode. Any unscheduled actions can become urgent if the operation of the air conditioner is accompanied by an unpleasant odor, extraneous noise, condensate leaks and other malfunctions in its operation. However, it is worth clarifying that in case of systematic preventive maintenance, such problems never arise. This is the main advantage of service maintenance.

    Benefits of Good Maintenance

    High-quality maintenance of split systems has lot of advantages, among which the main ones are:

    • all services performed are mandatorily confirmed by quality assurance
    • fixed schedule, compliance with the frequency, arrival of masters at an explicitly defined time
    • maintenance is performed by a team of professional specialists that have all the necessary documents for its implementation and systematically improve their skills
    • possibility of obtaining consulting assistance at any time when it is required
    • reliability and confidence in the high level of the team of specialists, years of experience
    • continuous training, monitoring of new products on the market, awareness of technical characteristics and features of models of various brands.


    In the process of services, professional equipment and special cleaning products are used. If it is necessary to organize repairs or replacement of spare parts, only original parts are used, which are covered by the official manufacturer warranty. Therefore, the system will continuously perform its functions, regardless of its model, age and operating conditions.

    Service maintenance of air conditioners is a service that can prevent many financial problems, maintain health and well-being, reduce energy costs and maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

    Call a Specialist for Air Conditioning Service

    Is it possible to clean a split ac individually? The answer is ambiguous. Owners of the equipment can clean the outdoor unit by themselves, keeping it clean and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, it is possible to clean the filters superficially if the model contains mesh filters. The main thing is to follow simple recommendations and perform actions carefully. Using a vacuum cleaner, soapy water and soft cloths, you can easily keep the system relatively clean.

    But this is not enough for the equipment to operate safely and reliably for a long time. Professional assistance will ensure the cleanliness of an air conditioner in the most inaccessible places. For this purpose, special equipment is used. In addition, in order to disassemble the systems and then correctly restore everything, you will need some knowledge of the features of the internal structure.

    Specialists servicing split systems are familiar with any details and nuances of models. The service is performed quickly, quietly and safely. If there is an idea that it is not necessary to clean a conditioner because it operates not all that often, which means it does not get dirty, then it is wrong. The dust gets into the system anyway, and the parts are covered with a layer of contaminants. When turned on, all this gets into the air that the whole family breathes. By entrusting the maintenance of the system to professional specialists, you can be sure that the room is filled with a healthy atmosphere. Uninterrupted operation will save you from waste of money and time on organizing and performing the repairs.

    Our company offers the split ac maintenance service. Contact numbers for communication with the manager can be found on the website. The consultant will tell you in detail about the split ac maintenance cost, orientate on the work completion time, payment methods, answer all your questions, and fill out an application for air conditioner maintenance. All services are subject to official quality assurance.

    Many organizations require a professional constant best AC service, desirably, done by the same company (which knows all the nuances of the AC technopark of an organization). We are willful about becoming your regular AC maintenance companion and offer very loyal programs for regular AC maintenance to all types of corporate entities that we collaborate with. We are ready to provide all sorts of technical maintenance to all types of HVAC. Thanks to our extensive hands-on experience, we know how to handle all sorts of HVACs on the market, of all years of manufacturing, old and modern. Seeing as our professionals work with your AC equipment, you will not want to address to another company and will forget about effortless googling of "AC conditioning service near me".
    Modern AC equipment has amazing reliability thanks to clever design. However, it is of crucial importance to get the best from your AC by cleverly installing it, choosing the optimal ways of air ducts and their lengths. Also, the optimal choice of power of the AC according to the future tasks is the first thing that guarantees its long-term work. Other factors also come into play: commissioning by specialists, qualified yearly maintenance, sticking to the technical recommendations of a manufacturer to the AC usage, and so on. It is also important to prevent any mechanical damage during operation and in a turned-off state. Also, do the timely check of proper work of your AC by technicians of the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company.
    The AC one hour service is available for high-level professionals. This is a service, where demands for quality as high as never before – and our team of professionals is ready to provide you this service! If you’re looking for a one hour AC service, call us without hesitation to receive world-class maintenance!

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