Of all types of heating equipment in the United States, gas furnaces are the most common; almost every second family heats their home with natural gas. If the equipment is in good working order, the heating system will get the better of energy efficiency thanks to the high performance of the furnace with low fuel consumption.

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    Gas Furnace Repair Service in Colorado area

    Professional service gas furnace in the Colorado area will ensure quality repair and maintenance of furnace equipment so that it lasts as long as possible and creates as few as possible problems for owners.

    Sooner or later, you will need a qualified gas furnace service contract that would cover all the issues related to furnace equipment — from installation and setup to scheduled maintenance and urgent repairs. The Best Heating Cooling & Air company in the Colorado area offers quality service with a warranty and an individual approach—do not hesitate to ask for help at any time of the day or night!

    Gas furnace repair services

    When your furnace suddenly fails, do not try to eliminate the malfunction by yourself if you have neither skills to repair heating devices nor special tools—do not trifle with fire-hazardous equipment! Instead, just type “gas furnace repair service near me” in a search engine, and Best Heating Cooling & Air, a NATE-certified contractor approved by Xcel Energy, will be at the top of the search results.

    Over the decades of practical experience, we have thoroughly studied gas furnace performance characteristics in the realities of the state of Colorado and the technical features of all popular furnace equipment brands. Most often, it is easily repairable breakdowns that cause inconveniences to homeowners and that we can fix in a few hours for a very reasonable price:

    • clogging of burner jets and flues;
    • failure of the control module, controllers, and the limit switch;
    • blower malfunctions;
    • damaged insulation and cracks in the automatic spark igniter;
    • burnt-out solenoid valve coil or thermocouple;
    • automatic deactivation of the furnace unit due to the thermostat not working properly.

    If substantial repairs with the replacement of major components are needed, do not despair—we will try to maximally reduce your costs by supplying consumables and parts from Xcel Energy at discounted prices. Whatever happens to your furnace, our technicians will quickly fix a problem and prevent you from freezing, and after the heating unit is handed over, they will clear after themselves so that you do not have to bother with cleaning and removing construction waste.

    Gas furnace maintenance

    If serviced properly, a gas furnace will last 15 to 20 years without causing trouble to its owners due to major breakdowns, but for this, it should be entrusted to a competent technician. We advise you to conclude a scheduled maintenance agreement—then the contractor will be interested in preventing major breakdowns at a minimal cost and not in making money on large-scale repairs. Secondly, when preventive maintenance is performed by a single executor, the effectiveness of the measures taken increases, and the plan gets adjusted, taking into account the furnace unit specifics.

    At our company, the maintenance package for gas furnaces includes a basic set of repair and preventive measures and a work plan for each component specifically developed based on the results of furnace unit troubleshooting. The standard furnace maintenance package includes inspection of major components, replacement of consumables, calibration of electronic instruments, lubrication of rubbing elements, and minor repairs if necessary. As an example, we give the list of basic services to be provided under the annual gas furnace maintenance plan before the start of a new heating season:

    • visual inspection for mechanical damage;
    • assessment of the gas pipeline condition, the paint renewal;
    • checking mounts and cases;
    • control and lubrication of switching-off devices and safety valves;
    • disassembly and lubrication of furnace doors;
    • gas draft and pressure control;
    • cleaning heating and smoke flues;
    • adjustment of combustion in all modes;
    • drawing up an acceptance certificate and issuing recommendations to the owner.

    The cost of contract maintenance and additional services are discussed in person; we usually take an individual approach to each customer and talk over what to expect in each situation. The company adheres to a policy of complete transparency in money matters; a cost estimate is prepared with the customer’s involvement and, once approved, is not subject to revision; no additions and hidden charges!

    Gas furnace installation

    Installing a gas furnace is a great idea for cold regions like Colorado, but the equipment will function properly only in those cases where professionals undertake the installation and plug-in of the furnace unit. The Best Heating Cooling & Air company performs the replacement of furnace equipment and installation from scratch quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. As a bonus, heating devices are supplied within the Xcel Energy partner program on preferential terms.

    Natural gas furnace repair

    If you browse the Internet using the search query “natural gas furnace repair near me” in the Colorado area, you will see our organization on the first page of your search results. Our personnel has EPA certificates and permits for gas works of any complexity; we are contacted in the most difficult cases but do not refuse help to anyone, and will get a furnace unit into shape in the shortest possible time without causing inconvenience to a homeowner.

    After the repair is finished, a technician, in the customer’s presence, performs a test run of the heating unit and draws up an acceptance certificate—the document that entitles you to warranty service. If a defect is detected, a 100% refund is due to the customer, but no requests for a refund have been received so far; we love our work and do it conscientiously.

    Gas furnace installation advantages

    The correct installation and plug-in of furnace equipment ensures safe operation of the heating unit and reduces the service for gas furnace costs. The automatic control module optimizes the combustion process; therefore, a properly functioning gas furnace is reliable and convenient; it uses fuel sparingly and has a lot of advantages:

    • simplified design and compact dimensions;
    • convenient heating adjustment based on microclimate parameters;
    • fast firing and high productivity;
    • ease of care and low operating costs;
    • long service life;
    • wide range of models.

    We offer services for gas furnaces

    The Best Heating Cooling & Air company provides a range of gas furnace installation, repair, and maintenance services in Denver and Colorado. Usually, contractors tell about the quality and short period of execution of works, and we would also add to this list of advantages low gas furnace repair costs—everyone should live in a warm house without the risk of fire.

    Our prices are among the most affordable ones in the region; timely repair of furnace equipment does not affect the household budget and lays the foundation for stable heating functioning in the future. Do not postpone maintenance and repair work until better times, and make a request through our website or by phone without waiting for a small problem to grow into a bigger one.

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