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Air quality is not only about its physical properties. You can get a perfect temperature, humidity, and air exchange level but if your air contains much dirt and other particles, all your efforts will be in vain.

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    Air Purification Service, CO

    In regions with polluted air, people install air purifiers to help fans and air conditioners and to remove everything unnecessary from the air, which makes it harder to breathe.

    What does an air purifier do?

    An air purification system for the home consists of a fan and filters, which filter out the mechanical additions to the air and neutralize odors. There are various technologies of filtration, from mechanical purification to absorption and catalytic purification, so air purification systems are effective against all types of household pollutants:

    • additions of mineral substances
    • plant pollen and mold spores
    • toxic smoke of burning
    • molecules of exhaust gasses
    • pet hair
    • dead skin cells
    • microscopic dust mites, etc.

    The most advanced air purification systems are equipped with antimicrobial filters with antiseptic soaking or a photocatalytic plate, which kills bacteria and viruses. Commercial air purification systems work based on the same scheme but the filters are chosen based on the production process. For a restaurant or bakery, smoke and soot filtration with a system of spark inhibition would be useful. For a metal-cutting factory, it would be a metallic dust-catching system. If the pollutant character is unstable, it is recommended to install a many-layer system of air purification.

    Why does your house need an air purification system?

    Air purification solves several essential problems – prolongs the resource of HVAC equipment, prevents ailments, and lowers energy consumption. Also, keeping cleanliness in a house becomes much easier – a home air purification system deals with the dust better than a mop, rag, or a vacuum cleaner.

    If you decrease the volume of dust coming in, you get fewer allergens and microbes, which undermine the protective capabilities of a body. In some cases, it would only be enough to install an air purifier in a house to eliminate the risks of allergies, colds, and frequent headaches. Making a healthier microclimate is also favorable for intellectual productivity and emotional state: you will be less tired and will not get irritated by nonsense; your memory and concentration will improve.

    Climate control systems also win from that: an air purifier of the air conditioner block prevents clogging of a fan, evaporator, and drainage ducts. As a result, you keep high efficacy of heat exchange, don’t have icing or leakages, have a lower load on the compressor and, as a result, see less energy consumption.

    Signs that you need a new air purification system

    You cannot completely eliminate the depositing of dust and dirt. However, if dust turns into a regular problem, you should think of the installation of an air purification system. If you see in your house the signs of air contamination, then you should contact the BHCAir Company: we can make measurements of your air to find out whether you need a centralized air purification system or if there is another reason for your discomfort.


    If your furniture is always covered with a layer of dust, despite periodic wet cleaning, it is most likely that dirty air is the cause, not a sloven housekeeper. When dust becomes visible, air quality raises serious questions and you shan’t rely on a vacuum cleaner if you need an air purification system.

    Stale smell

    The slate smell should also make you cautious: such smell in air-conditioned premises tells about the deposits of dust and proliferation of mold in drainage ducts. An outer block of your air conditioner can be washed, disinfected, and processed with anti-mold remedies. Then you should install an air purification system to prevent that from happening again.


    If anyone in your family has an allergy or respiratory disease, installing an air purification system becomes mandatory. Decreasing the volume of allergens and substances that irritate the respiratory system can prevent allergy or respiratory attacks and control the disease better.

    Are there different systems of air purification?

    There exist several technologies of air purification, which differ in cost, type of installation, and specificity of application. Some solutions are best for homes. Others are best for commercial objects. The filtration technology affects the cost of an air purification system. More advanced options of filtration allow using filters more than once (given they are cleaned regularly). The market offers various trademarks and types. In order to find out, which home system of air purification suits you the most, we should consider all available types.

    • To eliminate mechanical impurities the best, opt for HEPA filters made of corrugated fiber materials, which are able to hold particles of 0.3 microns.
    • To neutralize odors and various gaseous impurities (tobacco fume, car exhaust gasses, and industrial emissions), you should opt for a carbon filter: molecules of gasses are absorbed by a porous structure of activated carbon.
    • Electrostatic filters are able to hold the dirt thanks to the electric field: filtering plates are interconnected with metal fibers, which conduct electricity; when air comes through the filter, particles are magnetized and attracted to the plates.
    • To disinfect the air, photocatalytic filters are used, which kill microorganisms with UV rays.

    Channel air purifiers have become widespread thanks to their practicality and convenience. They are installed in the inflow or recycling branch of the air ventilation and conditioning system. When there is a need to feed the cleaned air to a heating or cooling unit, air purifiers are positioned in the recycling system. To purify the air that’s coming into the premises, the air purifiers are positioned on the feed line.

    Installation of an air purification system

    Installing an air purifier in the HVAC system requires specific skills and knowledge. To make the block function correctly, not preventing the air masses circulation, contact an experienced contractor. It would be better if the installation of an air purification system were handled by a local company for clean air systems installation, which knows the ecological background in your city and can tell what the city’s most remarkable contaminants are.

    The BHCAir Company is a certified NATE contractor in Denver, Colorado. We promptly solve issues of a healthier atmosphere in houses, offices, and enterprises. Our specialists can choose the optimal air purifier for you and install the air purification system fast and at a convenient time. Leave your application for the installation of an air purification system on our website or contact our manager by phone to put an end to dust and let some fresh air into your house!

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