With time, a heating system can have various breakdowns. Even the most reliable units may fail under high workloads or prolonged exploitation. In such situations, one needs heating repair, which can only be done by specialized companies. It is advisable not to ignore faulty situations to prevent aggravating the existing problem.

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    Signs that your heater needs repair

    Users need to check the functionality of their heating systems. Some signs will tell about the need for central heat repair. Prompt reaction to damages can help one avoid bigger losses.

    The signs of malfunctions are:

    • Bad odor from the heating system: A slight smell regularly emanates from a normal functioning heating system. However, if your gas furnace gives a constant burning fume smell for several days, then there is a high risk of gas leakage.
    • Insufficient heating up of the premises: If during the cold period of the year, your system is incapable of providing comfortable air temperature; then there is a possibility of leakage (which most times, always occurs in visible places).
    • Constant change of thermostat adjustment values: Regular changes in the work of the thermostat. It automatically turns off and on and does not positively contribute to the functionality of the item. This can lead to or indicate malfunctions.
    • Inability of heating system to start: A heating system may not start at all because of the damages, leakages, and clogs. All these must be inspected, found, and eliminated.
    • Change in gas control indicator: A normal functioning heating system indicates a blue signal when gas is released. A yellow signal indicates a problem with the gas balance, which demands immediate attention.
    • Bad air quality: the steady long-term deposition of dirt, soot, various allergens, and contaminators in the pipes and ducts of the heater causes this.
    • Dirty air filters: They block the supply of heat carriers to radiators, which causes uneven heating, making it impossible to create a comfortable temperature in the house.

    What can you do if your heater breaks down?

    When you have any of the above failures, you should never try to eliminate them on your own. Such actions will not help fix the situation but may only lead to its aggravation. Amateurs see only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ while the real causes of failure may be hidden deep inside. It is better to cooperate with the heating repair company and the technicians who have the required experience to solve issues like this.

    You can use the services of the BHCAir Company in Colorado, which offers solutions to remove failures in heating systems. Even if your problem is not major, it is still advisable to contact the specialists to inspect occasionally as even little failures can significantly aggravate over time.

    Complex repairs for heating systems

    A heating system needs complex repairs when it breaks down. Some users may think that the main cause of failure is due to improper work of the central radiator. However, modern heating systems are complex; consisting of many visible and hidden parts and nodes. That is why only the full examination of a heating system during the scheduled maintenance can tell the possible problems. Technicians carry out the following actions on examination:

    • Adjustment of nodes on the heating system
    • Fix heating pumps
    • Fix breakages of furnaces, boilers, and heaters, if any
    • Diagnostics of electric and gas piping and communications
    • Check the level of wear-outs and clogs in the filters
    • Purge radiators, etc.

    Based on the primary diagnostics, the next course of action is decided. It could include the replacement of some parts or the elimination of certain failures right on the spot. Only experts can correctly define the cause of failures and find the right solutions.

    Urgent repairs of heaters

    Heating systems require scheduled check-ups, which should be done annually before the heating season begins or right after it ends. When you do the check-up of your equipment in the summer or fall, you reserve enough time to check, find, and eliminate possible problems before the cold season of the year starts.

    However, nobody is completely safe from emergencies. Some elements and nodes may fail unexpectedly, during the heating season and the house or apartment dwellers could freeze out. One cannot linger in a situation like this since living in such uncomfortable conditions may lead to respiratory diseases and other ailments.

    Urgent repairs entail the swift examination of equipment and elimination of problems to make sure the heating system returns to its normal working condition as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of the problem, necessary actions can be finished within several hours to several days.

    What is an average service term of a heating system?

    With time, even the most modern and best-tuned heating system will have faults in its function. Manufacturers keep improving the technologies and their products but they are incapable of creating eternally working units. With periodic scheduled technical maintenance, the standard service term of a heating system is 15-20 years. Boilers may work for up to 30 years.

    These are the ideal periods but since many users do not pay necessary attention to scheduled maintenance and repairs, the service life of the unit decreases. It decreases until heating repairs are no longer possible and the entire system will have to be changed.

    In certain situations, installing a new unit is more expedient than making constant repairs. If the unit is broken down completely, or one’s repair bills keep growing, then it would be financially wiser to invest in the installation of a new heating system.

    How much does heating system repair cost?

    The money issue is the most concerning one for many. Nobody wants to spend more money on heating repair services than necessary. Specialists cannot tell the exact cost before they carry out the initial inspection. They have to make a list of nodes with malfunctions, decide the repair strategy, and only then make a final quote for a client. Also, qualified technicians have to be decently paid for their services, which makes perfect sense.

    The cost of repairs would include the following:

    • Spent time on repair
    • The condition of a heater and its age
    • The complexity of the access to the air ducts and other hidden communications
    • Necessary tools and equipment to eliminate the breakage
    • The availability of an extended warranty.

    The BHCAir Company specialists always try to choose the most effective yet cheapest cost solution for every client. They do not try to sell the most expensive spare parts because they completely understand that every client has a limited budget and nobody wants to overpay for superfluous services.

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