Heating system maintenance is a complex procedure, allowing estimation of the working condition of the elements, finding and removing malfunctions on time. It is better to be done before the cold time of the year comes so you aren’t left in a freezing cold house or apartment. You should contact a professional company to do that.

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    Do you really need technical maintenance of your heating unit?

    Many people think they can completely neglect the technical maintenance of their heating system. They think, if there are no breakages during a heating season, then it’s okay. In fact, not all breakages of a heating system reveal themselves immediately. Some failures and leakages will advance over time and so, later on, you’ll have to spend more money and effort on fixing them. This is the reason why you should do the technical maintenance of your heating system every year, completely checking everything, disregarding their exploitation term and conditions.

    When should you plan technical maintenance of your heating system?

    As we’ve already told, maintenance of a heating system should be regular. It is made independently of the condition of the equipment and must be completed before the heating season starts. An ideal time to do it would be spring – right after the colds are over, or fall, before the first frosty days would begin. This allows completing all possible repair works and approaching winter with a system that functions to the max.

    A check should be run once a year. If some sudden breakages occur, then an unscheduled diagnostic is made – to promptly remove the breakage. Even those heating systems, which you have installed lately, also require inspection after their first heating season. Heating maintenance service should be entrusted only to specialists, who have hands-on many-year experience in the industry.

    Advantages of regular heating unit maintenance

    Heating unit maintenance that is made on a constant basis has such pros:

    • Increased comfort – a well-working system of heating will make sure even heating of all the premises, no matter what is the weather outdoors.
    • Lowering expenditures of electric energy or gas – fully working units consume fewer resources, so it’s possible to significantly lower heating bills.
    • Warranty is preserved – if you don’t have scheduled maintenance, then no found failures or breakages can be removed by a service company at no cost, which is only provided by warranty.
    • Prolongation of the service term of units – those, being checked on schedule, can serve by 3-5 years longer compared to those having no regular maintenance at all.

    Opting for scheduled technical maintenance, you minimize the risks of the occurrence of serious problems, which would also include the pre-term replacement of your heating unit entirely. So don’t save on this important procedure, as otherwise, your approach won’t lead to good consequences.

    Complex maintenance of a heating unit

    Ordinary users have little understanding of the technical maintenance of their heating unit. They usually know about routine checks of heating radiators, removal of leakages, and some simple repairs.

    But diagnostic also includes preventive measures, which allow evading failures in the first place. This is much more efficient than dealing with their elimination when they occur.

    Service maintenance includes the preparation of a heating unit for an upcoming heating season, washing the heat carriers, changing the risers and main pipelines, testing the work of the system, mounting and unmounting additional elements, including counters.

    What is done during the heating system maintenance?

    Heating system maintenance shall include a complex of measures, like visual inspection and instrumental diagnostics of all elements, which are responsible for the provision of heating to the house and within. Modern heating systems are vast, they have a large number of nodes, and so their inspection includes the following:

    • calibration of thermostats
    • cleaning filters from dross, rust, and other contaminants
    • lubrication of moving parts of equipment
    • checking and correcting malfunctions of electrical connectors
    • removal of impurities from important system components
    • checking the level of coolant and heat carrier in the pipes, which supply heat
    • replacement of radiators and other elements if the damage is detected
    • purging batteries and many other actions.

    The test run of the system finalizes the inspection, allowing the engineers to be sure that all elements function, as they should.

    Adjusting your heating system

    In order to use heating units to the max, you shall install them properly and adjust them after they are bought. The BHCAir Company is ready to do that in Colorado. It offers the following heating system maintenance services:

    • selecting a heating unit adjustment method
    • installing pressure gauges, expansion tanks, and their adjustment
    • installing heat radiators and adjusting optimal pressure
    • installing ventilation systems
    • installing safety valves.

    The company consults on the purchase of this or that equipment, helps select an optimal option considering the budget of a client, heated territory, climatic conditions, and other peculiarities. We only offer details from verified sellers, which will serve you for many years.

    Warranty includes the elimination of possible failures free of charge, which would occur during the warranty time (for every detail, this term varies). Full-fledged adjustment of a unit is a key to stable work of your heating system without leakages and breakages. Do not ignore this procedure!

    DIY vs professional heating system maintenance

    Some people might consider inspecting a heating system on their own, not resorting to professional organizations. They might think that spending extra money is inexpedient because they could inspect a system on their own, find the failures, and eliminate them. In reality, their actions are leading nowhere because non-professionals aren’t capable of finding hidden damages.

    That’s why it is always better to spend some money on the services of professionals. All possible expenses for diagnostics will recoup in the future since the heating system will work more stable and will break down significantly rarer. Doing inspection on your own, you could increase the number of required service works in the future. Also, only experienced technicians can choose optimal ways of eliminating breakages and know where to buy the necessary details at a low cost.

    The BHCAir Company has a priority of assisting people, not to get the maximal profit. That’s why we’re not striving to provide only high-cost services or details if there is no real necessity. We completely understand your desire to save on maintenance and we always offer only optimal solutions, which are capable of supporting the workability of your heating system at any time of the year.

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