There are hardly any people who enjoy cleaning smoke flues; this necessary but unpleasant task is usually postponed until the last moment, and people suddenly remember it when the patience of a furnace is already running out. But why bother yourself if a lot of companies offer a furnace cleaning service in the Colorado area, and technicians will do the job much better.

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    Furnace Cleaning Service in Colorado area

    The Best Heating Cooling & Air company provides a qualified gas furnace cleaning service at moderate prices — don’t miss out on this great deal!

    Furnace cleaning benefits

    As the technology of waste-free fuel disposal has not yet been developed, soot will accumulate in flue ducts of furnaces, and scale—inside a coil pipe; deposits of all kinds interfere with the operation of heating systems and must be removed. Mineral deposits and the buildup of combustion by-products impede the movement of air flows, which leads to undesirable consequences:

    • poorer draft and increased load on the equipment;
    • decrease in the energy efficiency of heating units;
    • air pollution with harmful substances, including carbon monoxide;
    • corrosion process activation and premature wear of furnaces.

    How often should furnace cleaning be done?

    It is recommended that gas furnaces be cleaned at least twice a year, after the end of the heating season or in the fall, on the eve of starting the heating system. If you have a large family with small children and pets, and one of your family members is prone to allergies or chronic respiratory diseases while the fuel quality may be poor, consider ordering a home furnace cleaning service every year.

    Smoke filters should be replaced at least once every three months so that toxic substances do not accumulate in the air: this measure will keep you and your loved ones healthy.

    Get the best ‘furnace cleaning service near me!’

    Best Heating Cooling & Air is one of the best contractors for HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance in the Colorado area. If you search for ‘furnace cleaning service near me,’ our website will appear at the top of the page, and this is not due to advertising and search engine optimization. We are recommended by satisfied customers, they write positive reviews about us on other websites—and we are happy to do our best for you, fulfilling orders not just well but perfectly well.

    How it works

    Furnace equipment cleaning begins with blowing the main components with compressed air to eliminate clogs; if necessary, specifically designed technologies are used. The heat exchanger coil is cleaned of mineral deposits using solvents and disinfected with acid solutions and UV radiation.

    Then they move on to cleaning the ventilation system: dust and fine debris that accumulate on the blower fan blades and the walls of the ventilating chamber must be removed regularly; if not, the motor will overheat and eventually go on strike. In some cases, after mechanical cleaning, it is recommended to use high pressure for cleaning the blower; this solution is especially relevant in the following situations:

    • you have just moved in or have finished a complete overhaul with renovation;
    • you live in an old building;
    • there is high humidity and stale, stagnant air in the room;
    • mold spots appeared on the walls and ceiling.

    Why choose our furnace cleaning service?

    Our reputation is based on high standards of service, affordable prices, and continuous improvement, which is evidenced by a long list of awards and prizes displayed on our corporate website. Relying on experience and professional competence, we did not limit ourselves to obtaining a NATE certificate, hiring the best specialists, and purchasing advanced equipment; we pay special attention to customer convenience:

    • When fulfilling a furnace cleaning order, we try to finish our work as soon as possible, but we never sacrifice quality.
    • No need to prepare a workplace; our technicians will prepare the site themselves.
    • No traces of soot and carbon black—we always clear after ourselves.
    • The time for a repair team visit is chosen by the customer; the service operates 24/7, the quality of work does not suffer at all.
    • Requests are processed promptly—we value our and other people’s time.
    • Not only consultants but also line workers have been trained in good manners.
    • The service is provided with a one-hundred-percent warranty.

    How much does it cost to clean and maintain a furnace?

    Gas furnace cleaning services can be provided separately and as part of scheduled maintenance; the furnace service and cleaning cost is calculated individually. The base rate can be adjusted taking into account the scope of work, the cost of consumables, and the average hourly wages in the region; an estimate also includes additional services, tool rental, and the cost of obtaining permits. But no matter how things may turn out, the final price will remain affordable for a wide range of customers; we want everyone in Colorado to live in a warm home and breathe clean air!

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