Electric Heating Installation

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. households use electric heaters as a supplemental heat source. Combinations with a gas furnace are particularly popular. According to the RECS, only 26% of homeowners consider electricity as their only heating method. And most of them live in the Southwest, where heating a home with low-power electric units is economically feasible. […]

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Central Heating Installation

Central heating is the most comfortable and practical solution for heating homes, ensuring a constant air temperature in the building. The widespread introduction of advanced resource-saving technologies and weather-dependent control has made heating systems even more reliable and economical, reducing utility bills by almost a third. BHC&Air is a certified HVAC contractor offering expert central […]

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Furnace noises and what they mean

If the unit produces noise, it means that it is working. However, the noise often means that the furnace system has issues. Noises differ and some of them are within norm, while others are the first sign that something is wrong and your furnace needs maintenance or even replacement of some parts. Every piece of […]

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