Furnace Installation Company – the right installation and connection of the furnace are necessary for the safe and effective functioning of the entire heating system. Equipment, which is installed strictly according to the right process will work long, and not cause unnecessary worries. Thus, one cannot entrust the installation of a furnace to just anyone.

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    Professional Furnace Installation in Aurora, CO

    The proper installation of your new furnace is the most important step to achieving maximum house heating potential. Improper installation not only affects the fuel efficiency of your new high quality unit but it also has some pretty serious consequences for the overall safety of your heating system. The best option for you and your home is to hire professionals to handle the installation and maintenance of your new furnace. This is where we can help you.

    At Best Heating Cooling & Air, we offer a wide range of furnace installation services in Aurora, CO and the surrounding areas. Over the years gained the trust and patronage of numerous clients by demonstrating our skill and knowledge regarding the installation and maintenance of furnaces. We are always improving our methods and honing our skills. When you choose us you can be assured that you are receiving the best service that current technology allows

    The signs that you have to buy a new furnace

    Every furnace works in harsh heat loads. This makes the details and nodes of it wear off over time, so they get broken (especially if the furnace had no proper maintenance prior). Also, installation errors significantly reduce the life of heating equipment. Therefore, it is better to pick only the utmost reliable furnace installation service in the Aurora (CO), which is the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company. They are capable of replacing a furnace in the shortest possible way, so you will not even feel any discomfort!

    The symptoms that a furnace is not working as it should

    It is important not to overlook the signs your old furnace exhibits that may indicate its malfunction. If you do not want it to end with emergency failure, you should periodically revise the furnace equipment and pay attention to the alarming signals, which we will be discussing below:

    ➤ Dust

    Furnaces with malfunction generate clouds of dust, which often contain pathogens and spores of molds and fungi. When you live or work in dusty premises for a long time, asthma and other adverse conditions of the respiratory system may develop. The immune system may get suppressed, and work efficacy may be lowered. So, you should get rid of a furnace that is constantly emanating dust.

    ➤ Age

    The average term of service of any furnace is from 15 to 20 years (even if the furnace works flawlessly). As this term approaches, you should start looking for a change in other to avoid emergency failure catching you unexpectedly. If you use the economy class furnace, it may break down even faster. So, start thinking of buying a new model when its service period exceeds 10 years.

    ➤ Yellow sign indicator

    When a yellow sign indicates on the front panel of the furnace, it means there is a high concentration of CO2 in the premises. A blue sign indicates when the premises has an optimal level of CO2. If this happens, you should immediately turn off the furnace and contact us to agree on urgent furnace repairs, as dangerous gas leakage should be prevented as soon as possible.

    ➤ Cool air

    A normal working furnace should evenly distribute heat to the entire area. If any cold zones start to appear on your premises, it may mean heat leakage. It is quite possible that your premise does not have or has lost a sufficient level of thermal insulation of the attic or the semi-duct. Another reason can be the damage to the sheathing or the thermal insulation of the heater itself. If you see deep longitudinal cracks, they are not repairable. All one can do in such a case is to replace the furnace.

    ➤ Odd smells

    If you turn on your furnace after a long idle period, the presence of a slight smell of gas or oil does not necessarily mean malfunction. Ideally, the smell of fumes should vanish as soon as the piece of equipment heats up to the regular level. However, if the fume stays for several days, you should call a technician. It means that some gas leakage is present, which can cause a fire or explosion.

    ➤ Launch problems

    Auto turn-off of the heating equipment might mean malfunction of the fan engine or emergency protection system launch. It is advisable to make diagnostics in this case. The faster the malfunction cause is found, the lesser your wallet will be hurt.

    ➤ Weird noises

    No heating equipment works with complete silence. However, the normal background noise of the operating furnace is different from the improper sounds, cranks, and squeaks of a faulty system. If you hear this happening more than once in conjunction with the fact that it has been less than one season since the last repair to your heating equipment, then you should seriously consider replacing the furnace.

    ➤ Thermostat problems

    Ideally, when the temperature of the premises drops below a comfortable level, one’s hands automatically reach for the thermostat. If you have changed the temperature but received no response in a short time, it might mean that something is wrong. The malfunction could be the loss of impermeability of air ducts or the breakdown of the thermostat. In either case, you should call for a technician to run the diagnostic and fix the problem.

    ➤ Increase in Energy bills

    Malfunctions of heating equipment may cause a dramatic increase in energy bills. Heat losses and faults of automatic regulation lead to the overconsumption of energy. To avoid overpaying for electric energy, one should periodically revise the furnace equipment and make sure to deal with small failures to prevent them from growing into bigger problems.

    How much does it cost to install a furnace in the in Aurora, CO?

    The main expense in the furnace installation is the cost of the furnace itself. It depends on the output, brand, technical parameters, and the term of the warranty. We always try to decrease the costs of equipment for our customers. Thanks to our Partner program – Xcel Energy, allows us to decrease the costs of equipment, accessories, and spare parts.

    The budget also includes the cost of uninstalling works (for previous equipment), expenses for the removal of construction wastes, the work of engineers (significantly depends on the complexity of works on the site), and additional services, such as:

    • furnace modifications for a certain fuel (one of several kinds)
    • organization of electric outlets and power supply distribution
    • organization of access to the furnace when installed in hard-to-reach places
    • modification of the furnace channel when a bigger or smaller furnace is installed compared to the previous model
    • modernization of old heating systems to meet modern heating requirements
    • Overtime payment if the installation lasts over 10-11 hours.

    The Best Heating Cooling & Air Company happily provides democratic prices throughout the years of their operation in the Aurora, CO. We have made safe heating accessible to people.

    We can always give a better price, so contact us and let us get that furnace installed at your house or office on the best possible terms!

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